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  • pwrofone1111 pwrofone1111 Nov 25, 2007 9:06 AM Flag


    76. He Is Against Selective Service Registration.
    77. He Is Against A Mandatory Draft.
    78. He Is Still Not Married To Hillary.
    79. He Has The Support Of The Youth.
    80. His Campaign Has People Across The Country Motivated.
    81. His Supporters Are Enthusiastic.
    82. He Is Educated.
    83. He Wants To Apply The Golden Rule In Government (How Radical).
    84. He Believes in Freedom Of Speech.
    85. He Believes In Individual Rights
    86. He Believes Those Rights Come From Our Creator.
    87. He Does Not "Move With The Herd".
    88. He Has Delivered Over 4,000 Babies And Values Life.
    89. He Doesn't Have To "Act The Part" Because He Is What He Is.
    90. He Has Not Waffled On The Abortion Issue As Every Other
    Republican Candidate.
    91. He Has Faced Tremendous Opposition With Dignity.
    92. He Is Optimistic
    93. He Values The Traditions That Have Kept Us Free.
    94. He Understands That Monopolies Are Bad Things.
    95. He Understands The Difference Between Individual And Government
    96. He Understands Inflation Is Not Just The Prices Going Up, But
    Rather The Value Of Money Going Down.
    97. You Will Feel Good About Your Vote For A Change.
    98. You Will Know You Have Done The Right Thing.
    99. For The First Time In A Long Time, You Will Not Be Voting "For The Least Worst".
    100. You Will Help Undo The Damage Done To Our Country Over The Last
    Several Decades.

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