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  • oflans14 oflans14 Mar 18, 2014 12:11 PM Flag

    GSS a golden choice

    I have 155,000 shares of GSS in my portfolio, and don't plan to sell a single one until we hit $2 a share. I have been accumulating for over the past 6 months, and am confident this stock will outperform every other stock I own. Am I a little concerned about breaking .72 the number I expected to become the new base, not at all. Am I concerned with this 2 day downtrend that took over 8% out of our pockets, nope. Am I concerned with the pumpers and bashers that this stock has earned by climbing the ladder to where it sits now, come on man. The key here is remembering the big picture. This stock is destined to be at the $2 range, look at the 10 year chart and you will see where we sit now is a bargain. Insiders at this company have accumulated shares from around $1 to .40 cents. At this point and time the only thing I am concerned with is the GDXJ. GDXJ and GSS move in unison and will continue to do so for all of eternity. GDXJ has yet to break its level of support and is actually about to break through its 50/200 golden cross moving average, which will be a very bullish sign for gold. Pullbacks are healthy when a stock is in an uptrend, in my opinion we are just waiting for the next leg up. That next leg up will send us to a $1 and from there we will start the move back to the $2 range. Believe me when I say if you sell now you will be busy chasing at over $1. It's natural to panic at a point like this but remember why you bought in the first place. Do not let the MMs shake you out so they can take your profits. A good stock was hammered down and we will have our day soon enough. GSS is worth so much more then where we are valued right now. We are ready for take off and I cant wait, it's time to get paid baby, daddy needs another vacation home and GSS is looking ripe.

    Good Luck To All,

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    • Still not concerned? Lets keep it real.

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      • Idk not really man, do I like losing money? Not at all, it actuality infuriates me bc I don't ever expect to loose. I'm down some astronomical number today like $7,500 on GSS alone and it may get worse with the fed and yellen talking at 2. Check my twitter account which is the same name and you'll see I'm picking at like an 80% rate. I've turned 20,000 into over 300,000 in the past 2 years. The main thing to remember is you don't take a loss if you don't sell... To be honest I just purchased 45,000 more shares a few min ago, bringing me to a whoping 200,000 total. In my mind this is an opportunity to grab some cheapies, when others are running from the door, I'll hold it open bc thats when you hang around for the real $$$ if you have a real winner. And what we have here is the real deal its a golden opportunity (pun intended) and I plan to cash out boys... Idk how everyone else feels about the market but in my mind everything is overvalued and due for a pullback. Plus add the #$%$ going on in Russia the Chinese Economy and the heavy amount of people shorting gold and realize it wont take much to jump start this baby and when it does it will move north at an unreal rate leaving where we are now waaay in the rear view mirror. Stocks like this are what make people rich. Get spooked and sell which I can't blame if you bought in near .80 then you take a loss and move on. You roll the dice and decide to hold tight and continue the fight and you may just make a killing. I know where I stand and when I look back on this post in a month or so I have a feeling I may have a big smile on my face!

        Good Luck To All,

    • You would think that the big boy mining firms would want to add GSS portfolio at these bizarre low prices. The computers are having a field day with GSS shares. GSS should be back at .80 soon then 1 buck before blinking. GSS is a bargain. I owned BRD when Primero bought them..Its been amazing..PPP really helped unlock the huge value that was BRD. Im thinking GSS should be absorbed by a Major soon.

    • Very good post.Thanks for sharing!

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