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  • catnip1046 catnip1046 Jan 18, 2013 11:40 AM Flag


    Try the smoked bluefish from Nodine's---delicious.
    Their keibasa is good too (but not as good as Hapanowicz's Polish Market in New York Mill just outside of Utica,NY).
    The wife loves their apple-cranberry sausages which are real good also.
    Nodine's double-smoked bacon is great also .
    We get ther 3-4 times per year when we stay in Kent,Ct. and eat at Fife n' Drum,one of our favorite restaurants.
    Also dine at the Mayflower Inn,on their veranda,in the summer.
    Lovely place;wish we could afford to stay here also(LOL).
    Hillshire Farm products are garbage after having real smoked meats from a small real smokehouse.
    Perkarski's ,near Deerfield,Ma., used to be a good smokehouse also.
    We lived in the big yellow house(If it's still yellow) on the road heading to the Ferry with the castle on the other side of the Ferry.
    It was the last house on the right before the Ferry all those years ago.
    I think Tom called it right about this being dead money here.
    Maybe we'll get another short-play,like we did either last year or the year before,when the sp spurted to near the $2.00/sh. level.
    Someone posted taht this was an undervalued stock;I don't see that.
    As long as the Baker's control everything we're just riding on the tail of their comet.
    Good weekend to 'ya!

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    • My father smoked his own bluefish,that he caught in Long Island Sound.He used hickory chips,That
      and a Half Gallon of JB Scotch and who cared about dinner.Thanks for the tips.We don't travel much
      two dogs,Golden Retreivers female ,SWEA-PEA, Male is Pookie,from same litter.Swea pea is 80 lbs,Pookie weighs in at 126. Kids are long out of nest,and will see in Somers CT on Sunday.. Went
      downeast to New Harbor/Pemaquid,Maine last fall,Hiked trails on Mohegan Island,Stayed in the Inn
      at Round Pond,on Moncongus Sound. Lobster from Maine was cheaper($5.99/lb) in Durham,town
      just north of Guilford,CT
      NEBS was gobbled up by United Bank of West Springfield,seem the employees were
      not over joyed,I may have captured that feeling off the message board,. Now listed UBNK,quick
      skim,didn't jump at me. I did like SAL and NBTB,and may buy into that.I try not to buy into the market
      when it's up. I like a bargain,I often buy distressed stocks if the "street" has punished them.The street
      can be awful fickle.. NBTB say at $1950 would give a yield of 4.1%,Sure beats a CD.
      You didn't bite on Leather Stocking country. STUCE

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • lordcatnip Jan 19, 2013 12:27 PM Flag

        We have been going to New Harbor/Pemaquid Point every year for the last 35 years!
        We stay near the Lightouse at the Hotel Pemaquid(for mid-season rates) and we hit all the places we've been going to for years;the Sea Gull shop,Shaw's for seafood,the Co-op for lobster rolls(the best we've had),Dot's Bakery in Round Pond for the best bluebery pie,the Bradley Inn for upscale food and a great bar, and breakfast around the area and a lot of other places on that peninsula.
        We've done Monhegan a couple dozen times and we got lobster,last October, for $3.99/lb. off the boat.
        Maybe we'll both be up there the same time next year;we go the first week or so in October(no bugs,no kids;just a lot of us old "cottonheads" .)
        I was in on the orignial IPO with NEBS and I cannot understand why the bank sold out,or rather,why the directors sold out.
        There was no big gain in selling out imo.
        Robert Messiener,the old CEO of NEBS,is long gone I'm sorry to say and he was man who did great for us stockholders at NEBS,
        I dumped my transfer shares of UBNK at $16.25 and I was glad to get out.
        I usualy get into NBTB around $18ish.
        LIke you I need to buy bank stocks when their sp is low;many are too high for me right now.
        I did get VLY @$8.80 which I think was a good price.I like to get the dividend AND some good stock-price appreciation.
        I'll be watching FNFG for their earnings report 1/22.
        I think the sp will climb much higher after a ccouple of quarters.
        We've been to Cooperstown many times and once you've been to the Baseball Hall of Fame you don't need to see it over and over again.
        We usually hang out at the Blue Mingo Bar right on the lake about 4-5 miles S. of Cooperstown in the summer.
        We're about 45 minutes from Cooperstown.
        We may be over to Kent,Ct. the week after next depending on the weather.
        We're supposed to meet family in Avon,Ct. but if the weather is bad we'll just head over to Kent for the night(2/2) and then onto Sloan-Kettering Sunday for wife's check-up on Monday morning.
        If I come up with any good bank stocks I'll let you know-----

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