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  • jj_stocks jj_stocks Apr 8, 2009 9:31 AM Flag

    Best risk/reward ratio -Patience will be rewarded

    Continuing to buy up until the cc, which we know will happen, just don't know when yet. We all know Bob & Doug's management aptitude and Bob's financial aptitude, however, with 2 valuable assets, minimal trial risk, and a bunch of positive news flows to come.....a $194M market value will be very rewarding!

    Hopefully, the x guy that keeps getting burned and has made it his mission to agitate all of us and harp on this board with repeated information leaves once he is wrong again. Or will he paraphrase another analyst report to give the impression he know's what he's talking about.......lesson 2: Number 1 priority of investing is to make money, not to try and make your self sound intelligent. I'm not here to make friends, just all of us some money.......Good luck CRME bulls!

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    • Again, X -If I were an employee I would have under the blackout period and would have insider information. I'm a retail investor fool. I have read these blogs for years for entertainment purposes, but have been tired of your effortless and non-sensical nagging.

    • Ok-X. I recommended a buy and have skin in the game. You say sell and have no skin in the game.

      Today's date as a base: 4/8 and CRME's last trade was at $3.01. It's all about seeing the opportunities and letting the emotions and past mistakes go, my friend. Good luck!

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      • Your information is not correct. While xwavve does not have a postion, long or short, he recommends each investor complete their own DD.

        Personally, he would not initiate a new position until management leaves, or real news emerges. You'll find this in most of my threads.

        The only emotional folks on the board are those upset with my restatement of the facts. LOL. And, the fact remains CRME lied to investors in another announcement just last week. This is now a long stream of deplorable guidance.

        Good luck with your position. It may just work out for you. However, CRME is now very low on cash...and any deal is not likely to be in their favor as mgmt has squandered their leverage, and, unfortunately, their credibility.

      • jj....lever....

        how long have you been in this stock???

        Xwave has been in(and out) since 2005 or 2006.

        NO ONE on this board (past or present) knows more about the pharmacology of the drug...the preliminary studies that lead up to the filing of the nda's....or... the mismanagement of the company....

        yes... he sometimes gets fixated.... but he is IMO just trying to warn people (specially newbies) of the hazzards of investing here.....

        oldtimers Kutz, Tiger, etc... value what he says...

        EVERYONE has to do their own DD .... he tries to summarize almost 5 yrs of info for folk who don't do the indept analyse of how we got here.....

        everyone....throw the dice and make your plays....but as always...BUYER BEWARE!

        da Dane

    • Already 76T shares traded first hour today.... Last 2 days volume has been 1.5x 10 day average. News soon?

      Call options trading yesterday saw 1/3 of open activity trading yesterday even with rich call premiums on the 2.5 strike. hmmm.

    • Agreed on the buying but only modestly. I 'm keeping the position under 5% until we get insight with Astellas, EU comparator data, or a partnership on the oral.

      Ditto, on the X part too. It seems like this whole message board is tired of his useless ranting. He could be in a personal mess and really just seeking friendship and counsel. I wouldn't be too hard on him, we don't know everything he may be going through and even the best go through some hard times.....Good luck JJ

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