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  • hamsaallah hamsaallah May 13, 2013 4:53 PM Flag

    CC just finished

    Good job by the team, powerpoint slides were put together relatively well. They need to shore up that one slide showing the time-dependent benefits of Brinavess but overall I thought they did well.

    Great news to hear that they are on their way to setting up a meeting with the FDA for oral and IV Vernakalant. And with that one step closer to removing the hold which would be a HUGE deal for the company.

    Also, good to hear they have a well versed EU sales and marketing team in place as well as Spain and Germany.

    It's also always good to hear that we have ZERO debt as this makes us so much more attractive and is just one less thing we have to worry about. Props to the management team today, a solid conference call.

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    • so i'm just getting to reading the transcript, one thing i noticed- "Revenue in the first quarter of 2013 was entirely comprised of licensing and other fees, which includes royalty revenue from the sales of BRINAVESS."

      so as long as whoever has been using Brinavess continues to use it, we should see quite a bit more revenue next quarter, now that merck has returned all right to cardiome. make sense? or will the all star sales team suck all that extra cash up?

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      • Revenues won't be reported next quarter as the transfer of Brinavess from Merck is still in trasition...

        "The way that we will handle this because Merck is still obviously providing substantive services and back-office-type services and the like for us is that we will get a promotional services fee in addition to our royalty rate. And so we won't be recognizing revenues next quarter, but that will come in the not-too-distant future."

        Sales team will get the ball rolling. Good thing is we aren't desperate for the cash as we have no debt and 2 years of cash on hand. Revenue will be coming it just wont be reported until Q3 due to the transition.

    • Yes, I thought it was all good. Couple of negatives - there wasn't anything said that is gonna spur any major stock price movements anytime soon. Which I suppose was to be expected. If you're long, and I am, I guess that's not a major negative. I was also a little disappointed that there were no follow up questions asked. As Hunter said, maybe they showed enough to answer everyone's questions, but it would have been encouraging to hear from some interested parties (i.e. some major players). Nothing to do right now but wait, and make fun of NoCash2Go's "Nagitivity".

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      • I think the announcement that there will be a meeting with the FDA to remove the hold might spur some interest. We now know it will happen by 2nd half of the year. I can't stress how important getting this hold removed could be for Cardiome. When the presser is released that an official time and date has been set for the FDA meeting the stock price will move plenty.

        I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm considering picking up blocks on pullbacks for a potential run-up in the 3rd/4th quarter. It's a long term play but a very safe one considering this company's cash on hand (Good for another 24months) and Zero debt.

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