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  • pravdademocrat pravdademocrat Nov 6, 2007 10:15 AM Flag

    If You Hate $3 Gas Under Bush, You'll LOVE $6 Hillary Gas!


    Be careful of what you sloganeer about, libs...

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    • who has $30,000 to set up a P-V & windmill system to go "off the grid"?.....anyone?.....houses in alot of parts of this country aren't even worth that much. Who is going to be able to afford that?....all to save a monthly electrical bill.......good forward thinking

    • $30,000......okay now who has $30,000 to build out a system? or even $16,000 if they get "subsidized"....second question: who subsidizes this? and how are the subsidies distributed?....etc etc...

      .....start with $16,000......I pay about $120/month for electricity x 12 = $1,440 per year.....or a payback of $16,000 divided by $1440/year = 11 years and add inflation to the mix because the $16,000 today has a different value than it would 10 years from now and assume that electricity goes up to overcome some of that inflation, the payback is closer to 16 years.....SIXTEEN YEARS.....then by that time you need to replace some of the components whereas electricity you don' the actual payback when including maintenance and/or replacement moves the payback to about 18 years........EIGHTEEN YEARS....THEN it becomes cost-effective.....

      ...AND THAT ASSUMES you see why it in NOT MAINSTREAM........get the costs down and it works.....take away the subsidies and it dies a quick death.....kind of like out and in 10 years and it will be a trivia question on Jeopardy, certainly NOT an alternative energy source except on an environmental-wacko's homestead in the mountains of Oregon.

      ....on the opposite-hand, let's say 10 million homes decide to go this route....the subsidies will cover the first 5%, then they run out......look at the Prius cars in So. California, they incentivized them and gave single-drivers the special privilege to drive in the 2-person HOV (high-occupany vehicle) lane, but they gave out too many.....NOW THEY DON'T GIVE THE SPECIAL PASSES OUT ANYMORE......just another form of taxation by ripping out the rug from underneath a concerned citizens feet....

      ....subsidies work only for the special few who get in early......the masses a little further back of the line, get NOTHING......classic LIB-DEM bait & switch policies.

    • Maybe you could explain why the republicans didnt do anything over the 6 years they controlled both houses and the presidency. Sounds like a "slam dunk" to me.

    • ....and it cost how much to get this system set up?....

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