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  • mirelda7 mirelda7 Nov 10, 2007 8:44 PM Flag

    Ron Paul is not what you think he is!!

    When it comes to social programs the Texas Representative again fails to have the right answers. With education, Paul believes in the complete abolition of the Department of Education. It's the exact opposite position that this country needs to adopt at this time. We need a government that cares more about education, and will do more about education, especially in low-income areas.

    As a doctor, Paul dealt with healthcare issues his whole career. He proudly talks about how he refused Medicare and Medicaid from his patients, choosing instead to give some free care. Although Paul's charity is touching, it's not a realistic basis to build a national health policy upon. With almost 80 percent of the population saying they support higher taxes for a government-sponsored healthcare program, Paul's view is way out of the mainstream. In a time when we should be thinking about healthcare as a human right, Paul's policies would leave millions without the care they need.

    Paul's views would be very damaging to the poorest and most needy in society. This was most recently shown in his vote against sending federal aid to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, and by blaming the victims his views are frighteningly uncompassionate.

    Ron Paul might reverse Bush's failed foreign policy, but his domestic policy would go ever further than Bush, and do more damage to the people that need the most help. Paul's views are great for big corporations and the extremely wealthy, but for the rest of us his policies would completely eliminate the possibility for upward social mobility and further increase the divide between the rich and the poor by making basic services like healthcare completely out of the reach.

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