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  • plmarion2000 plmarion2000 May 8, 2009 11:51 AM Flag

    Rove Continues to Batter Obama, Justify Bush

    Both parties are bought & paid for by global corporate co's.

    These guys don't give a rats @ about the country, with thier short term fixes. As long as they can pad their buddies pockets, the $ comes back through in kickbacks. They are trying to force more gov't on our liberties. The lifestyle that you have been accustomed to is changing. Expect the mass impoverished, to provide for select lavish lifestyles.

    If these politicians had any moral decency, they wouldn't be pillaging the cookie jar. Consider our future "mortgaged". The overhead of the interest will be a burden alone.

    They fail to take notice of our diminishing gross nt'l products, while accepting higher profit margins at the top.(by outsourcing & free trading America into the ground)

    Keep ignoring unemployment & even worse underemployment.

    They keep pumping money into a rapidly increasing entitlement "voter" base,'cause they can't see it from their hoods. It's turning us into a gheto nation. We are litterally paying all the wrong people to multiply. It's inturn creating a gang infested crime wave for "We the peons"

    I guess they will section 8 their glutonous housing grab.

    If these elitists in Washington wanted to fix the country, they would have enforced rules & regulations on their rich buddies.

    With the $ we handed Aig alone, we could have handed every legal citizen 18 & older enough cash to start a housing & automoblie buying frenzy.

    All of these trillions are circulating amongst the the wealthiest people in America (& a few foriegn investors) Not the PEOPLE!

    no wonder there's a 4 year waiting list for multi- million dollar yachts.

    If you want to fix America, you remove all lobbyists immediately!!!!

    you have to drop the bad bank (black hole of wasteful spending) concept & put back the Glass-Stegal act. It was put in place in 1933 & removed in 1999. We desperately need to take "Walstreet" out of banking. Go back to the old fashioned commercial banking services. We are moving in the opposit direction. We need to hold people accountable for failure,fraud witholding info.etc.

    We need to consider re-arranging the 1995 CRA "loose loans act" add the regulations & restrictions back. This housing mess is from greed. They artificially propped up the mkt through loose regulations, while Flooding the markets with toxic CDO's. Then they profited on the backside with credit default swaps. These systems were diabolically manipulated. Nobody has been held accountable in a court of law.
    I never thought I'd see the day when ceo's cfo's & their boards of self appointed directors handed themselves 480 million (Richard Fuld example)bankrupting the co's. All this while the people who did the work lost everything 401ks,jobs,benefits,everything . This isn't a rational democratic society anymore.

    We need to enforce the Reg - sho proposals to stop fail to delivers & naked shorting in our markets. Nobody knows how many shares are outstanding anymore.

    We aren't fixing anything, we are just spending money! Wait till we are forced to deal with our "D" grade infrastructures. Wait till we need double the energy resources within the next 50 yrs (too many people)

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