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  • nyse5555 nyse5555 Jun 21, 2009 9:57 AM Flag



    Plus he's fixing the economy, the stock market, health care, the deficit, makes some jokes and he is a christian.

    we are so so

    then i hope michelle becomes president.

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    • Count spendula & his corporate sponsored control freaks, are setting up an ACORN office in Iran. This way the gov't can fund voter fraud & get away with it. They will be picking up bus loads of vagrants offering them food & money for votes. They will even register dead people. They won't stop till they've influenced numerous people to vote 2 & 3 times each. Just like America. They can go around spending money that isn't theirs on the special interest groups. They should have a gay pride month, allow cuba to dump it's undesirables. They can take in millions of Mexicans & hand them free educations & social services. They can fund single minority mothers money for every extra gang member they pump out .They can allow more terrorists to come & get free educations n business loans ( more student visas than ever) they should follow our example & not listen to the people at all. Privatize the profits & nationalize the expenses. They need to increase outsourcing & freetrading, so their business exec buddies can reap higher profits. If you keep the people poor enough , it's easier to control them.

    • WE ARE SO SO ??? - Gulliible? NAIVE?

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