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  • PhilSimms PhilSimms Aug 16, 2012 12:19 PM Flag

    Mitt Romney still isn't releasing his tax returns


    In an interview on NBC’s “Rock Center”, Ann Romney reiterated the now-familar position of she and her husband when it comes to putting any more than their 2010 and 2011 returns out: No way, no how.

    “We have been very transparent to what’s legally required of us,” Ann Romney told NBC’s Natalie Morales. “There’s going to be no more tax releases given.”

    Ann Romney’s insistence that she and her husband have done everything “legally” required of them in regards paying their taxes has been a regular refrain from the Romney family, — a refrain that seems to miss the point that the debate over their tax returns isn’t playing out in a court of law, it’s playing out in a political campaign. And the rules of engagement and the burden of proof in political fights are far different than in legal brouhahas.

    No returns = no chance to win.

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    • Stupit dims

      we get it hes rich

      can we talk about your boy obamas record on jobs now??


    • Please – Give it a rest, liberals are too uneducated to even understand the capitalist system that support their every bleeding heart desire and here you are claiming you’ll understand the complicated tax return of a rich man as compared to your own 1040EZ.

      In the meantime – liberal math has it that increasing deficits 300% plus beyond the previous administration has no consequences as they add a minimum of another 170 billion per year to the deficit from ACA (Obamacare). No concept at all of scale, degrees, percentages, ratios let alone the ability to balance a checkbook.

      This on top of the already failed campaign promises, the laughable Hope and Change and Yes We Can along with promises of transparency and posting legislation online for everyone to read (like Obamacare that was never read).

      The party you advocate is a complete joke. Romney’s tax returns are just another deflection – distraction attempt because liberals are economic and financial idiots as proven daily when they claim the economy is recovering and things are right on track as intended even though it is the worse recovery since WWII.

      You clowns thought 2010 was bad – just wait till November when you’ll all stand around wondering what the hell happened because it will be a landslide – I’ll guarantee it.

    • You have the bulk of liberals that work for the government and IRS. Please tell me, if there are errors in the returns, if the returns are defective or criminally doctored, explain WHY nobody has found ANYTHING.

      We know that Sec. Treasury has lots of tax problems.
      But Romney? None.

      Fact is he paid taxes, LOTS of TAXES.
      Senate majority leader repeated a LIE, over and over.
      Its a non issue. There is no THERE there. Give it up.

    • ROMNEY knows and even Reps running the campaign know ROMNEY is hiding his tax returns for serious reasons. Taking his cash out of Swiss banks just when the IRS came to look. Just when the IRS offered amnesty to tax cheats there. Now holding cash in other places where criminals and drug dealers hide theirs from the IRS. ROMNEY has the taint of corruption and he isn't even in office yet. Talk about Reps scraping the bottom of the barrel to find rot to run in 2012...can't they do better than this, you might

    • Bull, you are just making this stuff up as fast as you can

    • If Romney was under investigation by the IRS you can bet Obama would know, and so would the rest of us. Get real.

    • If Romneys returns were being investigated you wouldnt know anything about it, nor would anyone else other than Romney.

    • but if he fraudulantly avoided paying taxes they could and would start an investigation

      so far their silence is drowning you out

    • Just confirming that Denny doesnt know what he's talking about.

    • "The IRS doesn't even see a problem with Mitts taxes."

      Now how would you possibly know this to be true, there could be many problems with Romneys taxes

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