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  • choom_gang_president choom_gang_president Feb 17, 2013 2:16 PM Flag

    Our Real Problem Is Cultural Decay, Not Guns


    Libs are so shallow they think stealing our rights will fix it.

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    • i agree! the nation was founded by primarily by those seeking religious freedom. Now we have a second party, that may be shrinking, but feels the need force their particular religious beliefs on all. If stealing your rights means the right to own assault rifles, it is pretty clear that history shows there is no such right to own those kinds of weapons. The NRA, the tea party, the evangelical right are jointly going to make sure the Republican party isn't able to field candidates that we need to bring some fiscal sanity to our government.
      then they are going to whine about all those stupid "libtards" that would rather have to live with what is becoming more and more of a socialist society.

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