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  • pull_my_finger2 pull_my_finger2 Mar 18, 2013 11:10 AM Flag

    Democrat trash are sure obsessed with other peoples' money. As it it were any of their business.


    Like the A.HOLE here -

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    • Pullie: As a Marxist (of sorts) I might surprise you by telling you that the Russian revolution of 1917 had damned little to do with Marx. It had everything to do with a lot of poor very hard working peasants and industrial and service workers being fed up with their poverty while a small elite in Russia were very rich.

      In USA the idea that a person might rise to wealth from the absolute bottom of society was believed by the masses for centuries. The Horatio Alger stories are over two hundred years old telling how young men might become rich through hard work, but we see that such results of great effort are becoming ever-rarer.

      I often point out that Rev. Jeremiah Wright's anger at USA comes in spite of his fabulous successes. He is minister emeritus of a very large church; he has started several very successful businesses; he has successful children. He also has seen at his church so many Black parishioners do all the right things -- getting educated, working very hard at their jobs, and striving for promotions --to very little avail.

      When so many in society are very frustrated unrest starts, and it may be very hard to predict which way it will turn.


    • That's because they have NO money....All the have is to come on a stock message board 24x7 and whine like little girls. ROTFL!

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      • Denny: I admit it. I didn't like my jobs, and I retired from my first job in 1992 at age 53, and took a nice separation from my second little career in 1995. Thanks to an insightful stock broker I have a net worth of over $1,300,000 including my apartment.

        I don't really whine. I express opinions about why those who refuse to make compromises with the Poor are dooming capitalism as the masses in the Working Class Proletariat may rise up to overthrow the Very Rich and the Bourgeoisie out of sheer despair.


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