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  • larrymountainmankiwihero larrymountainmankiwihero Mar 18, 2013 6:25 PM Flag

    Cyprus elected a new far right wing president last month in February

    Now the citizens of Cyprus are up in arms over their new president. Did he tell them what his plans were? NOPE. Kind of reminds one of the GOP in 2010 who promised to create jobs if elected but when they got in office, did everything humanly possible to prevent job creation and blocked every jobs bill put forth. At least the people of Cyprus know they've been had. Can't say the same for the Teabaggers.

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    • Long history of investment scams and economic failure in that country.

      Kind of like TexAss and the idiot cokehead Bush, plue all his butt-buddies there at Enron?

      In the Bush White House, Enron Chair Ken Lay reportedly is the only executive who got a private audience to discuss the administration's energy policy with Vice President #$%$ Cheney. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Chair Curt Hebert also resigned shortly after he said that Lay told him that he would lose Enron's support in the White House if he kept opposing open access to privately owned power lines. Bush promptly replaced Hebert with Texas Public Utility Commis-sioner Pat Wood, who had Enron's blessing.

      Governor Rick Perry, who received the next largest chunk of Enron money, appointed former Enron de Mexico President Mario Max Yzaguirre as Public Utility Commission chair in June 2001.

      The only other Texas politician to clear $100,000 in Enron money in the last two election cycles is Attorney General John Cornyn.

    • Moral of the story: We can always count on the RW to hide their true motives until AFTER the election!

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