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  • donnalionnesse donnalionnesse Apr 12, 2013 11:03 AM Flag

    North Carolina GOP Files Arizona-Style ‘Show Me Your Papers’ Bill


    4 NC House Republicans filed a bill on Wednesday that notably introduces the “show me your papers” provision of Arizona’s anti-immigration law. Under the bill, H.B. 786, police can check the immigration status of anyone they stop or arrest and detain them for “reasonable suspicion.” The bill also makes it easier for police to seize immigrants’ vehicles. Furthermore, it would require a detained undocumented immigrant to pay the costs of his or her arrest, while making bail more difficult.

    Since Arizona enacted SB 1070, the state has suffered economically, losing hundreds of millions of dollars in productivity, tourism, and new business. North Carolina, home to 325,000 undocumented immigrants, also has a growing number of immigrant citizens who comprise 10 percent of the state’s workforce.

    Lately, North Carolina Republicans have made the state the Tea Party’s ground zero with bills that suppress minority votes, create a state-sponsored religion, and shut down abortion clinics.

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    • I recently moved to north AL from NJ last year.... AFter about 3 months here I remarked to my wife that I was surprised I wasn`t seeing Mexican day laborers all over the place -- at resturants, construction sites, standing in front of the 7/11s looking for work -- like we did in NJ.... She mentioned that AL passed a law like this anti-immigration bill and all the undocumented moved out of state....

      Yes I know it`s not a nice thing... but I have to say that --- I am glad to see our own citizens working in those jobs.... especially since the unemployment numbers in the surrounding areas are still high.... And yes I think it sucks that undocumented immigrants are pushed to this because their own country can`t supply the work and pay they need.... but I do think that the massive amount of immigrants that crossed our borders in the last 12 yrs (roughly 18 million illegals under Bush admin) did some kind of damage to our own work force and hurt the lower working class of our own citizens....

      I also think that having 18 million illegals enter your country and take over your blue collar jobs and service jobs and work for less than minimum pay because they are just glad to work and that the people who hire them are glad to pay them less than minimum because they know they won`t complain to the authorities..... --- the result of this had contributed some to causes of the recent depression we got hit with because the Fed Reserve should have raised interest rates back in 2004 or 05 to cut off inflation that was building up and which some on the Fed Reserve board were warning about ---- instead Greenspan kept quoting that inflation was low because he wasn`t seeing labor rates effecting the rise in prices that he was looking for... Obviously a manipulated situation by the administration that had unforseen consequences... since holding those interest rates so low for so long helped fuel the RE Bubble that finally burst ..

    • shouldn't the bill be call "anti-undocumented Democrap bill? just sayin

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