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  • americafirst44 americafirst44 May 3, 2013 1:57 PM Flag

    Funny Jon Stewart schools ted cruz


    Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz is the Joe McCarthy of our time. Pick any right-wing conspiracy theory and Cruz probably believes it. He’s even made up a few of his own. On Wednesday, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart highlighted some of the antics of Senator Cruz in a classic segment of mockery.

    Stewart began by demonstrating the rift developing between Cruz and the rest of his party. In February, Cruz insinuated that then-nominee to run the Pentagon, Chuck Hagel, was given money from anti-Israel groups or North Korea. The next month, Cruz treated Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein like a little kid who isn’t knowledgeable about the Constitution. The slight against Hagel caused Senator John McCain to call Cruz a “whacko bird,” much to Stewart’s delight.

    After mocking Cruz for being the most hated man in the Senate, Stewart turned his attention to the possibility of Cruz running for President.

    “Yes, why limit yourself to being hated by your colleagues when you can hated by the whole country,” Stewart said of Cruz running for the office. Stewart then reminded us that Cruz is a conspiracy theory subscriber, including birtherism, which made the next clip Stewart played all the more hilarious.

    The clip was of Sean Hannity pointing out that Cruz was born in Canada which would disqualify him from being President, and Stewart reveled in that fact.

    “Oh, Canada! Boom! Boom! Our beloved Texas freedom fighter is nothing but a dirty syrup guzzler. What a terrible twist, aye? He’s a foreigner!”

    Stewart then suggested that Donald Trump, aka “F*ckface Von Clownstick” pull his birther team from Hawaii and head to Winnipeg.

    But Stewart had one final parting zinger for Cruz during his interview with former Texas GOP Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, whom Cruz replaced. Asked about Cruz, Hutchison said he’s “very bright” and “committed to his cause” of “keeping America free,” to which Stewart replied that everything she said “could have described Lex Luthor,” Superman’s arch-nemesis and super villain. To that I say ouch, that must sting.

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