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  • burned_out_hippie burned_out_hippie Aug 2, 2013 10:29 AM Flag

    Sotero has the Peter Puffers in his pocket

    The lickity splits got two strikes against them (they didn't stand a chance). He bought the unions with our hard earned taxs dollars. The colored vote (with a few exceptions) ain't got enough sense to get out of the rain. The college professors and their shills (students) are going to produce another generation of overeducated fools.
    Now we are going to bring in (with the help of the brain dead republican party) another 20 million illiterates to help bolster chaos.

    Meanwhile, the federal government grows more oppressive and more authoritarian every minute of every day.

    I can hear Chris Farley shouting from the grave, "GREAT", that's just "GREAT"

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