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  • bogwa1406 bogwa1406 Sep 10, 2013 6:30 PM Flag

    Guess there's some folks who have never owned any cows. I owned and fed cattle through several years and every

    year....when fall would turn to winter I'd start feeding hay....and my cows were happy...when winter was at the worst I'd add high protein the spring came on I'd stop feeding the cubes..but hay would still be available...but those cows will bawl and drool like they were being killed when I stopped the cubes, but they would finally give up and go to eating hay. When there was plenty of grass and I stopped the hay the bawling and drooling would start every time I showed up until they realized it wasn't happening anymore and then they'd go graze like they naturally should. People are no different....if you provide them easy food and shelter they become not only dependent but expectant of it.....I don't propose all folks should be forced to go graze as there are many who really can't....but we presently put folks on hay and cubes....and they aren't going to go graze if they aren't forced to.....and you bet there would be crying and belly aching...but I'll guarantee you most of them could and would get by. You find a rancher who keeps feeding hay and cubes nonstop to an ever increasing herd....I'll show you one dumb broke rancher.

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