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  • silver377 silver377 Sep 24, 2013 7:56 PM Flag

    Until An American President Apologies For The Transgressions Of That Filthy Puke Eisenhower,...


    On A Democratically Elected President Of Iran I Believe That ALL Shi`a Terrorists Are Justified In Killing Americans!, Americans Lust For Power & Wealth Are The Directives Of Satan, Lucifer & The Tree Of Knowledge!,. Know HELL! Racists!

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    • Apologies would be cheap, but we mght remember that when USA intelligence engineered the overthrow of Mossadegh we did more than install the Shah; we weakened the progressive forces in Iran which had served to counterbalance the Shi'ite clergy.

      When teh hated Shah was thrown out the Shi'ite clergy were theonly really powerfuforce in Iran, and the seizure of the hostages was made inevitable, and the progressive forces in Iran are still repressed thanks to us.

      We have met the enemy, and he is us! -- Pogo


    • bobdopo did that 5 years ago
      on his first world apology tour.

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