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  • philsimms97 philsimms97 Apr 1, 2014 3:17 PM Flag

    At Least 9.5 Million Uninsured Americans Have Gained Coverage Under Obamacare

    And that was before the surge...

    More than nine million previously uninsured Americans have gained coverage under Obamacare, according to a review of available enrollment data obtained by the Los Angeles Times. Although final enrollment data is not yet available, these early figures contradict Obamacare opponents’ claims that the health law hasn’t led to a real expansion of coverage.

    The Obama administration has not yet released detailed information about how many Americans are newly insured under the reform law, compared to the people who already had some type of insurance and just switched to a new plan. But, after reviewing the available data for the three different populations that are benefiting from Obamacare’s coverage expansion, researchers at the RAND Corporation arrived at an estimate of about 9.5 million people.

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    • It appears you know more about the numbers than the White House does.

    • These are good numbers, despite the GOP disinformtion....we all know that 15 million people did not have coverage before Romneycare was expanded about 1/2 of the uncovage people are now one Republican said on TV this morning....."the ACA will never be repealed because people will look at it as a program America cannot do without, we might as well get behind it and make it better instead of repealing it...or the voting population will kick us(Republicans) out of office.

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