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  • GOLDENGATE2000 GOLDENGATE2000 Jul 25, 1998 3:50 AM Flag


    go to 35 before i start to average in. With five
    point drop in just two trading days, i have lowered my
    buy in value to 30. Oil prices will continue to drop
    due to the asian depression and resulting reduced
    demand of half a million barrels a day.

    i expect
    an ugly correction of our stock market in the fall
    foll0wed by world recession starting in 1999 going into
    year 2000.

    just because japanese say that they
    are going to do what they know they have to do to
    correct the underlying problems of their economy, does
    not mean that they will. Even if they do,the start of
    a recovery is well over a year away.

    will be a long wait for this stock to come up again.
    But, it will.

    my policy: buy low, hold long,
    sell high, or don't buy at all.
    i will wait.

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    • Congress,Seperation of Powers Threatened as four
      of last five presidents have faced legal action.

      Do we want to join most of the rest of the world in
      creating a enviroment in which business`s ability to
      create wealth and prosperity is stiffled?
      Constitution declares that no branch of government is
      permitted to limit or curtail the constitutionally given
      powers of any other branch.
      Do you see what is

    • I must be a fool,I feel Clinton did an ok job up
      to now,by not doing anything to mess up what other
      people had done.

      But it is hard for me to
      believe,that anyone would think he is a great man.

      hope your right about HAL has bottomed.

    • You would protect an "ALLEGDED FELON" and attempt
      to change the Congress to do so?!
      You also
      probably would say the economy is good so leave him
      Well the economy is good because of the 2 previous
      Presidents not little boy clinton.He had nothing to do with
      Also and far more important my, Kids and
      Grandkids,will expect me to fight for a HONORABLE person in the
      Oval Office.
      Certianly[just to start with] not a
      documented DRAFT DODGER.
      Ask the Vince Foster family who
      they will vote for in Nov. and
      slso ask the Ron
      Brown Family who they will vote for in Nov.
      HEY PAL

    • your political clinton debreifing made you suck up under the desk! I am not surprise your praising cock sucker.

    • Believe me it is happening! I believe you 100%
      Bill and Monkey. Anyway mkt is looking for an excuse
      Monica effect is good to give atleast 15% dip. Buy
      brother Buy if you miss this opportunity, you will yet
      get one more chance in October effect..after that our
      dream come true. Even if it is 6 to 12, 80% return is
      not that bad in 12 moons. Is not that dream come
      true? Also look into SLB, it may be another dream come
      true cash in 65% next 6 to 12

      Kiss My HAL!!!

    • Poof! just like that, away goes that nasty
      inventory overhang.

      LOS ANGELES, July 29
      (Reuters) - ACCESS energy prices rose Wednesday following
      news the U.S. Senate voted to buy 28 million barrels
      of oil to replenish the Strategic Petroleum Reserve,
      traders said.

      After the news, September crude oil
      on ACCESS climbed 17 cents a barrel to $14.26 by
      1800 PDT.

      On a quick voice vote, the Senate
      approved an amendment offered by New Mexico Democratic
      Sen. Jeff Bingaman to replace the oil that has been
      sold off in recent years to raise revenue.

    • in the national elections this november. I will
      get the message to those little dicks in
      washington(ken(little dick)star and the rutherford group)that when they
      play games, they will pay a price and in fact defeat
      their own purpose.if we end up with a democratic house,
      so be it. That is the price we pay for

      i encourage all other consientious individuals to
      do the same as i am with my vote. I will vote for
      republicans here in california government, but democrats in
      the national elections.

      president clinton is a
      great man and anyone who thinks otherwise is a

      keep in mind that i would vote for dick cheney for
      president and may very well vote for george bush jr. In
      year 2000.

      oh, by the way, looks like hal has

    • I am a beginner investor. In general:

      if ugly correction happens, do beaten down stocks
      plummet further?

      b) if a recession occurs, do
      stocks normally drop, go sideways, etc?

      c) some
      folks say the signs are here for another 1987
      event..opinion please.


    • Before I comment on your observations, I would
      really appreciate it if you could in the future not use
      capital letters; it's as if you are yelling at us.
      not sure I agree with your views. The reason for the
      drop in price I believe are the comments made by HALs'
      president. He expressed caution for the second half of the
      year and the timid are running. It's the general
      public who are fearful, those who are more informed are
      staying in. The third quarter will be difficult, but by
      the 4th I expect to see change. What is often
      misunderstood is that even though oil prices are down
      exploration is actually up. I read a report that said by the
      year 2000 the world will have a consumption rate
      larger than what's in the North Sea. I think patience is
      the key for all these stocks.

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