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  • gunup gunup May 7, 1999 2:12 PM Flag

    Wrong page-this is about HAL

    push your stocks some place else

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    • Excellent management, good employees, 75 years in business.

    • Daltex...Correcto Mundo,
      more like the three stooges
      Larry, Moe, and Curly.....LOL

    • <EOM>

    • and made my case at the same's not
      about's not about oil service's
      not about North America activity...there will be a
      companies come out of this downturn stronger...many others
      will be weaker...the losers will disappear in the next
      downturn...just like the Mobil's and the Dressers...the Western's
      etc...and dozens more...the winners this time around could
      well be the deep water drillers...the companies that
      will be producing oil from the central Asia
      republics...the companies that own the North American gas
      production...the companies with strong technology...I don't know
      who the winners will be... that why I ask the
      questions...and maybe HAL will the big winner the next go
      around...I hope so...I own the stock...and Hot Air you are
      right about a couple of things, when an uptick in
      activity occurs, HAL profits will explode, and the stock
      will go are also right about them needing
      fewer people in the next upturn...they won't be needed
      because there are large areas of North America that HAL
      will never service again...Good Luck with your

    • Anyway, HAL will probably do OK with or without a
      boom. Managing change is never easy but by now, HAL's
      management (all of whom have sat through this movie a couple
      of times already)have learned how to waffle through
      it without splattering too much blood on the walls.
      When the worm turns and the rotary rig count begins
      it's slow, tortuous and winding way up the shaky
      staircase, HAL will be there to jump on the opportunities
      like a chicken on a June Bug. Don't get in the way and
      put your dark glasses on--you don't want to be
      getting arc-eye!

      --O.O. Ouch

    • ...people have been saying the same bull* about
      every energy service company that restructured to stay
      profitable during downturns. Same trite sayings about
      "losing quality people", "clueless management", "going
      out of business mode", yada yada yaa.

      only been through 3 of these major cycles over the
      past 20 years.

      Just wait 6 months - the
      slightest upturn in activity in North America and you will
      see these same service companies' earnings fly up
      like they were shot out of a cannon. And there have
      always been enough good, experienced people on hand to
      start the next cycle of re-training & re-equipping.
      Also, in every cycle the number of additional people
      required to cover the additional activity is LESS than it
      was the time before. Somehow the industry learns how
      to do it better, cheaper, safer every

      Necessity is a mother.

    • patch are in the strongest position to take
      advantage on the coming demand?...We know HAL is a shell of
      its former self...firing tens of thousands of quality
      people...bulk equipment operators, testers, cementers, welders,
      machinists etc...etc...on and on...they have virtually no
      capability to respond to any increase in demand in the oil
      patch...they are still in the down size, going out of business
      mode...and yes the remaining employees or good employees and
      yes we know they have management that is clueless
      about running a oil service company...they believe they
      are going to replace these unique skilled positions
      with 'day laborers and office temps'... and the big
      oil companies, especially the larger ones have did
      like wise, haven't they?...the question is WHICH ones
      of the oil patch companies, majors, drillers,
      service etc etc came out of the recent down turn with
      employees and equipment, etc...etc... to take advantage of
      future drilling demand?...Thanks, obvious
      answer would be companies like Boots and Coots etc,
      (unless they'd did the same job on their employees that
      HAL has), because when the rigs start running...the
      problems are coming...Good Luck guys/gals

    • Today, The Short Term Stock Selector gave HAL a short
      term buy rating:

    • ...or did you flunk out of school in third

      (1) "agin" = is properly spelled "again" except in
      Arkansas, where it is often excused due to generations of

      (2) The "THREE BLIND MONKEYS" you list are not even
      correct - you have mis-spelled two of the threee names.
      And have done so consistently in previous childish
      posts. If you knew anything about the company you would
      know how to spell their names. I'd wager that you
      don't even know the correct names & spelling of the
      three persons you mention - since you are probably just
      a pimple-faced day-trading geek who never stood on
      a rig floor.

    • Congratulations to NON MANAGEMENT HES tech
      employees. You have agin succeded during low oil prices and
      being managed by the THREE BLIND MONKEYS
      (Lesar/Oritz/Murlia). This agin demonstrates
      that HES is a good
      company(good non management employees) with BAD MANAGEMENT.

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