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  • w_awol_dui w_awol_dui Jul 31, 2001 4:09 PM Flag

    W = illegit incompetent GOP buffoon

    See Photo Cartoon for

    The 'toon where Dumbya is too late wishin' for his legitimacy. He's just an incompetent court-selected thief.

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    • It is a moot point if one of the unwanted pregnancies could also have spawned a Hitler or Stalin or Mao. Mary was unwed at the time of her not-so-immaculate conception, and Jesus' birth father was most likely a Roman Centaurian, or other soldier of the times.

      But no one knows for certain, or will probably ever know. You are welcome to your beliefs. I would call them myths.

      Here is great read for you: Robert Graves' book, King Jesus. The BEST narrative account I have come across on who the historical Jesus REALLY was, what the socio-political realities were in Jerusalem at that time, and a far more interesting and credibly researched story than any account found in the contradictory, incomplete Gospels.

    • whoaaaH! That is the understatement of the year!
      Well, one thing is for sure. The anti-christ was not aborted. He was president of the US from Jan. 1993- Jan. 2001. That will make you think too!

    • Impeach the crooked SOB.

      Bush belongs in Jail, NOT Our White House.


    • So-Called 'Missile Defense Coalition' a Feeding Frenzy of Right-Wing Front Groups

      Boy, Bush is getting DESPERATE. He's been forced to call in not one or two, but over a DOZEN rightwing (&/or) corporate front groups to try to give his ridiculous missile defense scheme the appearance of support. Calling themselves the Missile Defense Coalition (they couldn't decide on a name - an earlier press release called them "Americans for Missile Defense" - guess they though "Coalition" sounded more high-falutin'!), this bunch of deceitful lobbyists hide their true stripes behind "All-American," solid-sounding names like the Heritage Foundation, the Americans for Tax Reform (and how, may we ask, does a $100-billion boondoggle advance tax reform?), the American Conservative Union, Eagle Forum, Freedom Alliance, and American Renewal. Sounds like they ought to be waviing flags with mouths full of mom's apple pie, right? In fact, they are all mouthpieces for the fat cats who want the defense contracts and/or 1950s political dinosaurs like Cheney who think they see a commie under every Bush.

      This press release says they are meeting at the Senate Swamp...Sure sounds appropriate for a group mired in political muck and the dinosaurs they represent.

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      • Bush Administration Models Its Family Planning Approach after Taliban - Only Thing Missing Now is Stonings

        American women used to thank their lucky stars they lived in America, where they knew that they and their daughters could be assured open access to unbiased family planning resources and a system that at least TRIED to discourage discrimination against women. Now, under Bush, women are being subjected to a Taliban-style mentality in which abstinence is the only accepted form of birth control It doesn't matter if you are raped, a victim of incest, an emotionally or socially troubled young person unable to make wise choices, a victim of domestic violence (incl. rape) or one of the estimated 200,000 homeless "castoff" teens who are daily made victims of sexual predators. Nope. You get pregnant, get an STD or contract AIDS, too bad. You should have abstained. When can we expect the stonings to start?

      • in Kosovo last week as thousands crammed close to the podium to see a real Commander in Chief. Not some pathetic pervert named slick willie.

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