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  • BarryPi BarryPi Apr 3, 1998 12:00 PM Flag

    A little more analysis

    Sorry about that last double post :(

    Looks like Apr is off like a lamb for ASI. Last time trading was this quiet share price fluctuated by +/- 5% (Nov 97) until big $ kicked in heavy volume (like the last 4 months).

    Small $ is trading ANLT for the time being and I don't see share price moving up to 60 unless some heavy hitters come it.


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    • Think for yourself you'll figure it out!

    • Um, what does TFY mean?

    • This stock has gone down on heavy volume in the last 20 minutes of trading today. It closed at 39 1/4 below its support of 40 and well below the 50 dma. I think this one has completely lost any chance of a recovery. Looks like earnings news may have leaked out or as someone else said the big bucks started pulling out after Cabot recommended it and the stock ran upto 54.

      Comments anyone?

    • ANLT is worth $50.00 based on estimated earnings to the annual growth rate. If earnings next week meet expectation and the market continues strong ANLT should rebound. Of course TFY!

    • Original support occurred at 44-46.
      Once this level was broken, another support area came
      into play at 40.

      I would only worry if that level is penetrated with
      increasing volume. Lower volume would indicate that
      there are no buyers at that moment. No reason to expect
      a selling climax if stock follows its own history.

      Basically, if ANLT goes down near 40 and holds, I would be
      a strong buyer. If it goes below 40 and you have long term
      investments, ride it out. The company will be a real long term
      winner for those with patience.

      Look at the one-year chart for confirmation. As they say:
      "You've come a long way, Baby"

    • I bought ANLT last summer at 19 and have been wanting to buy more. I think it is worth about 39 now. I wrote a message predicting 39 by April back in January (boy was I way off). I finally broke down and bought some more at 43, (based on the chart) although I still have an order for 38 and change.

      You seem to be fairly knowledgable. What do you think this stock is worth?

    • So are you saying that ANLT'S accounting is suspect for the last four years. If true they sure have pulled the wool over a lot of eyes.

    • Great unbiased analysis! Right on the money. Still betting long. No way of knowing if there will be a restatement of earnings eventually. Good luck to all.

    • Called IR. They had no knowledge of WHY the 10% drop today. Talked directly with CFO. He gave me a thumbnail sketch on how they book and how they manage technical risk. Overall I feel comfortable with my investment in ANLT. CFO wasn't impressed with post #204. That's when he gave me the tutorial on ANLT billing practices.

      As for PfizerPfan (#207), I think he's got a good point.
      Also the posts around 271-279.

      Let's not lose our heads here.

    • anlt has once again given us a chance to add to our positions, some of the traders bowed out today. there will be a 5 or 6 dollar uptick when they try to get back in. the smart money adds to their position at these levels

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