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  • Scooby123do Scooby123do Apr 18, 1998 8:47 PM Flag

    The Facts

    The rumor mill seems to be in full force! Romors
    1 Cobot has sold (fact I am a subscriber)
    2 Management has said earnings are on track (Fact on ANLY web site)
    3 Acounting irregularities (unsubstantiated rumor)
    4 Employee disatisfaction ??

    Here are my opinions - I have shorted the stock when Cabot came in abd covered at 38. Went long with a small position at 44
    and am now consider taking a 5x position. This is typical of the momentum crowd and the scum that follows them. Rumor and more
    rumoms. In my experience there is a lot of money to be made seeing thru the rumors. The game seems to go like this. Find a good
    company, with long term investors who are very used to an even keeled rising stock (the past chart tells the story). Let the lemming
    enter. If big money sees the stock overvalued they take some profits and the shorts move in. If the stock holds fine if not the
    price corrects panicking the long term investors. That is where we are today. If the stock holds avove 30 monday we should be ing
    good shape. Cabot and his lemmings will sell monday causing more panic. The smart money will be buying into the fire sale.

    The underlying question is, is there a real reason for the sell off! Earnings? Accounting? Any opinions from long term investors? My guess is no! The management would have not issued the press release on earnings if there was. It would have opened the individuals and the company up to too many suits. See thru the smoke and mirrors. Opinions? Good luck to all!


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    • I bought this stock at 19 last summer and it was reasonably valued. Based on its historical performance it should double in a years time, (as long as its price reflects the underlying value) that the stock is supposed to be at 38 by July 98. Does anyone here believe this stock will not be at 38 or higher by July? It's right on track.

      There is no reason to believe that this stock has left its long term growth track and so look for 60 by January. Everyone who bought this stock in the past (even those who bought at the peak) will see reasonable profits by then, so what is the problem?

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