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  • mikebert mikebert May 9, 1998 8:12 AM Flag


    Looking at WDC, here's what I see. If I averaged
    down on WDC, I probably would have bought at 27, 20
    and 15 for an average of 20.7. If I waited until an
    uptrend was in place I would probably buy at 18-19 in
    February, an 11% savings. Hmmm. I learned something here.
    Thanks :)

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    • you are the guy in the wrong business at the
      wrong time. CHE graduate design oil plant and
      synthesis, so you should buy oil stock, not map stock. How
      much you are losing? Well assuming you holding all you
      3000 * 10 = 30000 $ went in smoke. Wow that's
      almost three-fourth of your salary in one year.

      Anyway, it interesting to see how your and other
      hard-earn money go down the drain. Keep holding and your
      account will have bigger whole.

      Bad Luck.

    • HERE'S ONE for you to average up on.......WSTF. It recently broke out of its base w/ good volume. This one has a good future. Wish you well on ANLT!

    • I'm new to the board and I think this looks like
      an excellent opportunity to buy a tremendous growth
      company at a rediculously low P/E. Never buy a stock on a
      free fall. Try to find the reason a stock is falling,
      ie.. inside info, that an earnings warning is
      immenent,short selling, sector losing favor etc.. It appears to
      me that the earnings growth is sustainable. Can you
      imagine what this stock will be worth if ANLT keeps up
      the pace. Obviously that can't happen with internal
      growth alone. look what is happening to ACRT. Shoet
      sellers are driving this into the ground. It made a small
      base last month and is a buying opportunity. It also
      has a growth rate of 100%+. WDC dropped because of
      fundamentals. Their earnings growth came to a temporary halt.
      Yes, you should wait until a base is formed although
      some times when the shorts start to cover it will
      drive the stock up without a base. Just my

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