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  • TLWatson5906 TLWatson5906 Jan 13, 1999 8:06 AM Flag

    Detour bridge out South of the Border

    We may get beat up short term by the basa nova from Brazil.

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    • I held shares in this company from Nov 96 to Jul
      97. I bought at 10 and sold at 16, clearing about 60%
      in 8 mos. I was pretty proud of myself,
      rationalizing that I could always buy it back when it took a
      dip. I kicked myself while I watched it climb to
      54--never dipping anywhere near 16. Even if I never sold
      it, I would still have been up 60% during the depths
      of this summer. If you've bought it anywhere below
      25-26 I don't see how you can lose on this long term.
      I've learned my lesson, I'm in at 23 3/4 and holding
      on tight. Unless this company makes disasterous
      errors, it's a keeper. Trying to time the market can be
      tricky to impossible. Good luck either way!

    • I haven't a clue about number 8.
      I got the
      link of the INTC page, and simply applied it to

      Regarding today's strong gain, I'm very tempted to put in a
      stop order and reap my rewards now, short term. I can
      always pick up ANLT if it drops (as it seems prone to


    • Thanks!

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      Oldies but goodies.

      by: HCOR
      1337 of 1957
      short this stock
      sometime before the 1998 audited financial statement

      information is available and get rich rich rich. Any

      Posted: Aug 17 1998 6:16PM EDT as a
      reply to: Msg 1 by YahooFinance
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    • I searched both the web & the Yahoo message boards for "exgis" & "hcor" but no luck. Could you be more specific as to where to find the info you're referencing.

    • 35 or 36 seems to be (from my eyeball) a great
      point. We recenlty bounced off of 35 for the 2nd time
      looks like a strong day for the big caps
      maybe some continuation of the momentum ANLT has had
      late will spill over.
      On institutional holdings,
      wsrn reports 51 institutions
      held 2.73M shares on a
      float of just under 6M.
      That's pretty good company,
      and I believe quite a bit
      higher than what it has
      been over the last year -
      anyone track
      institutional holdings on ANLT?

    • I thought I answered your question as to why
      there was a large short interest. The short interest
      itself tells the story. Shorting occurred largely out of
      the stocks action. The stock got very over priced
      last spring. Eventually the bubble popped and the
      price collpased.

      When a stock comes crashing
      down the psychology surrounding it changes and shorts
      are encouraged. As on the long side, the "smart"
      money comes in early and exits early leaving the "dumb"
      money holding the bag. The short interest shows that
      the majority of new shorts appearred AFTER the stock
      had hit it's lows. The "smart" money is long gone and
      those who came too late to the party have been left
      holding the bag.

      The question to ask yourself now
      is, will the pyschological pendulum now swing to the
      bullish side sufficiently to cause the shorts to panic?
      The last time ANLT tanked it took 11 months to (Jul
      96-Jun 97) to recover its old high. 11 months will be at
      the end of next month. Will we see 54 again? Time
      will tell.

      I do know that last year at this
      time, ANLT was selling for about what it does now. And
      then it made a major move to 54 after the 1st quarter
      ER. Perhaps lightning will strike twice, perhaps not.

    • If you want to know the ANLT short story do a
      list search for the names "exgis" and "hcor". It's all

      The position they were trying to flush is still out
      there and riding right along side the position is the
      idealogy of slash and burn.

      While your perusing
      the archives, think about *what* those two were
      trying to do and how they were doing


    • I'm long on ANLT, but I cashed out all my margin
      shares today at $35. I feel one more ride down below $30
      before earnings. Just a hunch, no real support for that.
      Other than being a shareholder since '95.

    • My general response is apples are not
      You need to know what diet(investment) you want to be
      on and then find out which variety of
      fruit(instrument)works best for you.

      Your comments
      >I agree
      that buying on margin is inherently risky. In your
      >opinion, is there something about this stock, other than
      the >volatility of late, that makes it more so?

      Buying on margin is not necessarily "inherently
      risky"...there are advantages and disadvantages (risks and
      potential returns).

      I am not concerned with short
      term volatility (for that matter I have always
      expected some long term swings) the nature of this stock
      and their positioning make good match with on section
      of my portfolio. My point was margin shares may be
      borrowed (shorted), and that is one contributing factor in
      the July to Sept slide.

      >For example, I
      would conclude, based on a very limited review,
      >that BTIM would be a risky stock to leverage--given
      that it has >not turned a profit
      Biotime is a biotech development company trying to
      product(s) to market (that in itself spells risk). BTIM is
      not a company you evaluate based on realized profit.
      The fact it has been stalked by a professional
      shorter, and other players trying to ride the momentum,
      means every share not delivered provides the short
      interest with more shares to borrow

      >While ANLT, on the other hand, has continued to grow
      earnings >at a rather remarkable pace. Granted, if this
      pattern fades, or >reverses, margin would certainly be
      Certainly we all hope that growth is aggressively and
      effectively managed. If it is not, margin accounts feed the
      short interest. Remember that shorting is not
      necessarily linked to the bottom line and existing

      Just my thoughts and opinions...exp

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