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  • PaperProphet PaperProphet Jan 21, 1999 1:53 AM Flag

    Well, I bought into ANLT Tuesday.

    From the SEC filings, I do think this company
    looks very good. I think it would be stupid to not
    invest because I think one person on the message board
    is abrasive.

    I started reading over the first
    few messages on this board and thought it was pretty
    interesting. GryCrayon, it looks like you've been around since
    the beginning of last year. From the chart, I can see
    why you are bitter.

    GryCrayon, you've been
    attacking anyone who you even thought wasn't long. Here's a
    question - Your ranting didn't double the stock price and
    it didn't stop it from dropping to $15. What good
    has it done? Contrary to what you seem to think it
    doesn't look like you have too much of an effect on the
    share price.

    Think about it, shorts can't change
    the fundamentals of a company. Unless you are trying
    to make a quick buck by hyping the stock and they
    are preventing you, it really doesn't matter. I can
    see from your opinion why you keep using the phrase
    "Fear and Loathing." Your parania of a short raid on
    the message board is probably eating you up. Take a
    vacation or something. When I buy, I don't let people sway
    me. Fundamentals stay and everything else usually
    comes out in the wash.

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    • In one respect we welcome you to the board and to
      the stock.
      In the other respect there has been a
      persistent presence on this board of false, missleading, and
      actually libelious posts.
      Gry Crayon has been the most
      diligent in not only keeping us aware of these but
      actually stopping the most nefarious of them.
      it has been too easy for us to have had him do this
      due diligence for us instead of us doing it
      ourselves, and in so doing it has exposed him too much to
      unnecessary affronts, for this I apologize personally, but I
      have found his "services" to be invaluable in
      maintaining an equanimity to this board, as I'm sure, if you
      stick around long enough, you will too.

      • 3 Replies to BBGeld
      • Maybe GryCrayon has helped this board and maybe
        not, but I'm inclined to think not. Has he ever done
        anything but say 100% positive things about the company
        and slam shorts? What makes him any better than any
        shorters who come on and say only negative things about
        the company and slam the longs? This isn't a war. I
        don't believe most of Wall street comes over to the
        Yahoo! message board, looks who is currently winning,
        and trades accordingly.

        It's obvious that
        there is a lot of fear about a short raid but is it
        better to talk about concerns so everyone knows what is
        out there or to hide the negatives and wait for a
        group of shorters to come on with the information and
        their own spin attached to it? It looks like many
        people want the latter. That way everyone in the
        "community" can soil themselves because they don't know
        anything about what the shorts are talking about other
        than there is some truth to it. GryCrayon can't stop
        shorters from posting any more than shorters can stop
        GryCrayon from posting.

        I came to this board looking
        for information because I was concerned about high
        short interest and was met with a paranoid attack. I
        get high school messages like this:

        beware the greyman who enters neither long nor short but
        equaminious. The market is black and white and holds no marker
        for grey."

        I don't know about GryCrayon, but I
        would guess that most people who start looking at
        Analytical aren't so charmed by the ticker symbol that they
        are willing to throw all of their money into the
        stock. Some people might actually start posting on this
        message board because they want more

        Personally, even though I own shares, I would still like to
        hear the bad with the good. Just because someone is
        short doesn't mean they are evil or stupid. Sometimes
        they have some good points.

      • I view what takes place on this board as similar
        to a community and as such, community standards
        apply. How one shows up in a community defines to a
        large extent how one is accepted by that

        My approach is adversarial. If in the mileu of
        spacetime you've found this board and your posting, you
        come here with a predisposition, your not here
        accidentally. Aside for the Tuan's of the world, I think it's
        only fair to inform the community you wish to enter of
        this predisposition. Those who have been here awhile
        can help you if your honest to find the threads
        covering your concerns.

        But beware the greyman who
        enters neither long nor short but equaminious. The
        market is black and white and holds no marker for

        My long held view is that ANLT is a market
        consolidator and as such will be acquired in time. Many of us
        on this board have substaintial capital gains built
        up over years with ANLT. How does one compare the
        Sequoia moth's life with the Sequoia? Neither contemplate
        the other, somewhat like those who rent-to-own
        compared to the owners.

      • It's on the 17th of Feb, correct, is it in In, or CS? Please.and Thanks.

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