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  • redbull96 redbull96 Apr 3, 1999 3:16 AM Flag

    Whisper Number

    Someone tell me this. Who comes up with the
    whisper number? Looks like that site that was posted is
    based on more speculation and misinformation than what
    you find on this or any other board. My understanding
    of the term whisper number is that they really only
    have meaning for major corporations (the Intell,
    Dells, and Microsoft types). In those cases some real
    research goes into predicting if they'll hit or miss their
    forcast earnings. I would say that ANLT's "whisper" of
    .37 means nothing. If they hit forcast earnings I'll
    be happy. Cashflow is the real issue anyhow!

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    • Just sold half of mine at 1.02

    • This Co. has a very good future!

    • >>I speak to Sid, Scott and Geoff whenever
      I feel like it and have told them what

      Oh, really? Hmmm. Then why would you not know a stmt.
      like Benger owning only 2k shares is

      Sorry, BUYANLT, but I'm not going to let that comment
      slide by until you address it.

      >>They need
      to do more, that's the bottom

      Wrong. Mgmt.'s first and foremost responsibility is to
      manage the co. for maximum profit and maximum long-term
      growth. That's the bottom line. That's the end of

      The day when they start kowtowing to short-term
      whinings of the more impatient shareholders at the expense
      of the long-term integrity of the co. and its stock
      is the day I'm outta here.

      Mgmt.'s job is to
      manage the co., not manage the stock price. If you are
      truly interested in a co. that seeks to pump up its
      share price for its own sake, I might suggest you seek
      out some penny stock. Because you seem totally
      clueless w/ respect to long-term investing and to being a
      part owner of a BUSINESS.

    • ANLT is a yawner...So what we're back to where we
      were with two weeks ago just after the great news!!!
      The MM's keep *&%#ing this thing over...In today's
      throw-a-dart-and-hit-a-winner stock picking bull market ANLT should be at 36
      not 26...Keeping a few shares just for a safe
      bet...but real $ will be made elsewhere...Out today at 25
      and change

    • I speak to Sid, Scott and Geoff whenever I feel
      like it and have told them what think. They need to do
      more, that's the bottom line. On a positive front, the
      stock traded 270,000 shares today and moved up on this
      good volume.....

    • I think we should all cut BUYANLT some slack...
      ANLT didn't take off like a 'rocket' when he wanted it
      to and that probably drove him right over the edge.
      BUYANLT thinks that ANLT's stock's failure to perform
      along his predictions is everyone else's fault-- when
      it really was his own predictions that were

      And it really is too bad that he should exit his
      manic stage just as ANLT looks like it might be doing

      And BUYANLT; relax. ANLT's a great company, that's
      one of the few things people here seem to agree on.
      However, ANLT could trade at a P/E of 22 for the next year
      just as easily as it could trade at a P/E of 35.
      Betting everything that it's price will turn on a dime
      NOW (just because you said it would) will simply
      frustrate you.

      and eventually agravate everyone


    • The reiterations and the earnings revision info is very much appreciated.

      And as far as the rest of your comments, Anything - I can't help but agree w/ you. Very good points.

    • From my daily Zack's update:

      MILLER,JOHNSON has reiterated estimate for quarter
      06/99 of $0.39 on 05/07/99
      reiterated estimate for quarter
      ending 09/99 of $0.44
      on 05/07/99
      ANLT: MILLER,JOHNSON has reiterated
      estimate for quarter
      ending 12/99 of $0.41 on
      ANLT: MILLER,JOHNSON increased estimate for
      fiscal year ending
      09/99 from $1.50 to $1.51 on

      Likewise, Zack's has increased their rating for ANLT to a 1
      -- strong buy. It had been at 3 --

      Also, VectorVest has upgraded ANLT to a buy from a hold

      Other things:

      Of course the market makers
      control the market. That's their function on NASDAQ (they
      MAKE the market, hence the name). They set the bid and
      ask, since they determine what they would buy and sell
      the stock for.

      A stock split? No way. You
      split into strength. You certainly don't split at this
      level. Even a 3:2 would be bad news.

      The company
      isn't doing enough to promote themselves? What would
      you have them do? Take out ads on CNBC? Who is the
      target market? Look, serious players know this company.
      And for a company with a market cap under $200
      million to have as much coverage from analysts is

      Finally, today was great. Not even so much the price
      movement but the volume. Biggest volume in 6 weeks.
      Keeping my fingers crossed. Is the squeeze upon us?? Only
      time will tell.

    • We believe the company can consistently increase
      earnings by 25% to 30%, augmented by acquisitions, due to
      continued outsourcing trends, deregulation of the utility
      industry and market share gains. We believe the shares are
      inexpensive at 16x and 13x our
      Cal-99 and Cal-00 EPS
      estimates of $1.58 and $2.00, respectively, and at PEG
      ratios of 47% and 48% for Cal-99 and Cal-00,

    • someone bought 15,000 at 26. Let's hope it proves to be a good 'buy'.

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