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  • richa58 richa58 Aug 17, 1999 2:35 AM Flag



    Of the eight analysts that cover this stock,
    seven have a strong buy, and one has a buy. Investors
    Business Daily rates them as an "A." Earnings continue to
    go up and the company is thriving. Yet, about 25
    percent of the float is short. And the stock's price
    can't seem to get "off the ground." Personally, I am
    stumped. Does anyone out there have any insight as to
    what's going on? I, and probably other longs, would
    really like to know.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Read This Nonsense

    • Whereby a large holder buy's a $30 call and a $20
      dollar put. As the stock moves up the put becomes
      worthless and the writer moves it's market position tword
      the long side and as the stock moves down the call
      becomes worthless and the writer moves it's market
      postion to the short side. Thereby generating somewhat of
      a self induced oscillation within the range of
      price we've been observing for the last six months. I'm
      probably reaching here, but what the hey.

      numbers 555-4444, call me, we'll taaalk.

      p.s.-good post ape-women--T.L.'s forgot more about the
      market than graveyforbrains knows.

    • His insight and experience have my well-earned respect. Please, take some time to review his previous posts prior to continuing your jeremiad.
      p. myshkin

    • I have zero problem or debate with anyone's
      contribution of fact, fiction, point of view, opinion,
      question, comment, editorial, statement or fantacy. Sorry
      if I missed a few, but I believe the message is
      clear. Everyone's statement are worthy of respectful
      consideration, (in kind).

      This public forum was intended
      to be used for any civil ANLT discussion that may be
      raised, short of rude, overbearing, possessive, self
      appointed and self annoited chauvinistic

      That being said, I withdraw from this debacle, as it
      is clear there is a veil of narrow minded rhetoric,
      with a sidekick or two and untold followers, that keep
      all uninquiring minds in line, promising
      unquestionable success if only left unquestioned in the hands of
      a board of self serving retiree's of deserving
      personal agenda. After all, they worked hard to get our
      investment dollars and now we should give them time to

      I hope for the sake of the many followers, the
      agenda of these 'mastodons' is truly in your best
      interest, and these characters are not 'personal pals' of
      the ANLT elite.

      As there is nothing to learn
      in a closed forum of (want-to-be country club)
      regulars, adios amigos. But one last time; Doodles with
      Crayons and "Total Loser Without a clue,' KMA.

    • Gravy may not like his style, but he generally has good information on the stock. No hype, just facts.


    • I doubt any of you would insult one another as
      you have been if you were seated face-to-face.
      Disagreement need not degrade conversation on this

      That said, I wrote the company recently regarding the
      slight dip in analyst forecasts between Sept and Dec and
      they indicated a cyclical slowdown, historically,
      might be the cause, they could not comment on the
      current scenario. BUYANLT recently called it BS, but
      geoff seemed to implicitly confirm the forecast numbers
      with his allusion to historic Fall to Winter

      Q: If ASI is using percentage-of-completion
      accounting, which relizes revenue from worked performed but
      not necessarily paid for, and has a current backlog
      between 85 and 120 million dollars (equal to or slightly
      less than 1 year's revenue), why would the company
      suffer from cyclical slowdowns?

      Also, turbo, you
      mentioned a few weeks ago that you thought the short
      position might possibly be the work of some sort of
      outside derivitive scheme. Could you expand on this.. I'm
      unfamiliar with how an unlisted derivative might be
      underwritten and traded.

      I looked and the at least on
      the Pacific exchange there do not seem to be any
      options on ANLT. What would it take to get a MM or other
      to issue options; it would seem a no-brainer with
      all of the short term trading activity on this

      enjoyed your comments kstater.
      Best to all

    • Please take some time to go back and review some
      of TLWatson's posts over the past year--I think
      you'll find them thoughtful, complete, articulate and
      well-informed. He does a tremendous job with TA and keeps this
      board focused on the facts. Many of us, myself
      included, greatly appreciate and respect his input. By
      taking things personally, and making it your mission to
      perpetuate the vitriol we've witnessed of late <I think
      I'll stick around just to elevate your blood
      pressure>, you will actually do this thread a great
      While you may see him as querelous and pedantic--we see
      him as the knife that slices through the layers of
      apocryphal BS proffered here on a daily basis. All he asks
      is that you base your assertions on fact and support
      your arguments. If you're unable or unwilling to do at
      least that--perhaps you should reconsider the value of
      your own posts.

    • and poor command of the english language makes it
      difficult to fully appreciate your convoluted message. But,
      at any rate, your habitually rude behavior lends
      little credibility to your obtuse arguement.

      fact, you are one of the most uninformed, presumptous
      blowhards I've ever come across. Your woodshed analysis may
      be cute down at the lounge, but I'm thoroughly
      unimpressed. Additionally, your anecdotal account of the
      trials and tribulations of ANLT is of little solace to
      those less benevolent than you.

      If I thought
      this board had any meaningful effect on the price of
      the stock, it would then be obvious why so few find
      the metal to stay with this one very long. With the
      likes of you and your sidekick Mr Doodles, anybody with
      the gall to ask a question is sure to be attacked.
      Well to you sir, KMA. I think I'll stick around just
      to elevate your blood pressure.

      Here's the
      deal; whenever you shoot your rude mouth off in
      response to anyone, I'll try to find the time to remind
      you what a total and complete ass you are. This I'll
      do, gratis.

    • Your posts indicate you're just a sniviling
      whiner who hasn't the vaguest idea about what happened
      to this stock in the last eighteen months. You and
      all of the other hot shots who keeping lambasting the
      management beacause they have not repeated the actions that
      propelled this small but efficient money making machine
      into the limelight of the momentum and day trader's
      dream when the stock burst from sub 20's to over $54.
      No one in their right mind with a modicum of common
      sense could have expected the stock to continue its
      rocket ride unless they were going to continue to be
      able to make more advantageous
      acquisitions that
      would add to the bottom line without being dilutive to
      the shareholders.

      What the hell do you think
      ANLT is at this stage of its corporate life. It's
      nothing more than a well run company in a unique but
      limited business which requires dependency on Government
      agency and public utility spending to propagate its
      sales and earnings growth. Because of the nature of its
      contracts it also must use a percenatge of completion
      accounting practice. No one in their right mind after
      studying the operational history of ANLT would believe
      that they face a failure to collect on the "unbilled"
      portion of the revenues taht are carried as a substantial
      asset on the balance sheet. This type of asset has
      always been suspect by hedge fund operators since so
      often the character of the asset is highly
      questionable. Up until recently, the size of contracts have
      been relatively small on an individual basis. Lately
      the size has grown along with the earned portions.
      Thus the improvement in cash flow

      The size of the stock float prohibits large mutual
      funds from participating in the stock and the shorts
      are still living in dreamland hoping for a collapse
      caused by defaulted accounts receivables. The founders
      of the Company entering the senior years have to
      decide what to do with their life's investment in
      developing this company and if accounts by the company are
      true need to solve severe personal problems. This
      requires disposing of all or a signifcant portion of their
      stock holdings. For some idiotic reason you and a
      number of others seem to think that these individuals
      owe you something and must do this in a manner that
      suits your desires not their needs. GET OUT OF HERE
      That' not how life works. It never has and it never

      What ANLT's management appears to be doing is exactly
      what they responsibly are supposed to do. Increase
      sales, increase earnings, expand capabilities and build
      a successful business. They are not suppose to
      suppport every dip in the stock price with a new contract
      announcement, counter every complaint from an unhappy stock
      trader and answer for the actions of forces over which
      they have no control.

      They have indicated a
      serious consideration to list the stock on the NYSE. This
      will to some alleviate a problem that many complain
      about and that is the ease of manipulation by day
      traders and MM's. This will not guarantee an up market
      for the stock. It will allow the management to
      concentrate their entire effort on building and running a
      bigger and better business. The cost of the listing not
      withstanding, since in the long run it can only have a
      beneficial effect, would be well worth it and not as costly
      as some seem to think.

      I say it again grow up
      or get out. I do not contenance fools and that is
      why you see my attitude in my posts. Only a jackass
      would challenge the attitude because they cannot refute
      the argument.

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