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  • mr933 mr933 Aug 27, 1999 2:40 PM Flag

    Well stated by Monjobones

    what this stock
    needs more than anything right now. Insiders seem
    satsfied to sell in the low 20s and the fact that they
    can't sell much without bumping the price lower is
    making it take forever to unload their shares.
    Unfortunate, but this too will pass.

    Mairez-Good move
    to wait to buy on this one. I got back in at 22.125.
    Some issues that I sold to buy ANLT have moved up
    significantly (like 30-50%) while ANLT has drifted lower. Can't
    win em all. I've done ok with ANLT in the past and
    will continue to own/trade it.

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    • Be patient. Six months. Can't wait that long? Sell. EOM

    • Another reason why I don't hold ANLT very
      Shortly before the end of the year, I think a lot of
      folks are going to sell. The market will then take a
      sharp dip.
      Stocks like ANLT will probably suffer the

      The big blue chippers will sustain minor declines but
      will recover quickly.

      Those with cash will
      experience enormous buying opportunities.

      (just bought some AMZN, short term)

    • I think I was chiding TL when, after following
      his "knowledgeable" advice to hang onto ANLT, I saw
      it plummet and watched him sell after it was too
      late for me to do the same.

      CSCO is a

      INTC is definitely a keeper, at any price. It splits
      every 25 months (or so). I've doubled my money in INTC,
      and it's significant money.

      I sold ORCL at 28,
      after I had made a 35% profit. Big mistake, as you have

      And I failed to buy PSFT at 13. :((

      ANLT is
      attractively priced for you longs to load up with more, or for
      us not-so-longs to make a quick profit. At least,
      that's my take.


    • A friend told me this is a good stock to short,
      that insiders are consistent sellers and that they are
      never buyers of the stock even though it *appears*
      cheap. Technically, the chart on this stock is a short
      sellers dream I see the stock is down substantially in
      the last 9 weeks. I can't find the bad news though.
      Can someone tell me if there are rumors of a bad
      earnings report coming or some other reason the stock is
      down over 30%? I see posts here that management does a
      poor job of comunicating with shareholders? Are they
      hiding something?

      I shorted a few shares already.
      I've got another 100k play money. Should I short
      another 5000 shares?


    • Doesn't really matter. BUYANLT is a moron. I
      guess he got impatient sold his long position at a loss
      and is trying his hand at being short again. You'll
      never make money that way. You say that the insiders
      just keep selling, selling, selling. That's just not
      true. Look at the numbers. A few insider sales does not
      mean that management is heading for the door. Now days
      a lot of executives salaries are tied into the
      stock and options. They need to sell some for extra
      cash from time to time. If you want to go short now,
      be my guest. I won't stop you from commiting
      financial suicide.


    • why are you betting the whole enchillada on this
      dog. Look around!!!!!! No spam here.

      This is
      really the lousiest dog I've ever been envolved with;
      max hype, arrogant and pompous support from the
      gallery, an intimidating 'dummy up' disregard for the
      average investor, zero news from the management to quell
      investor anxiety...this is the dog of dog's. 'An anchor
      that floats'........

      Doddles with 'Crans' has
      left the country and his sour puss sidekick 'Mr T
      Looser'is quietly liquidating his position as are all the

      FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE EXPERTS; take a look at the
      gross revenue per employee.....we be talking a hurt'in
      issue that nobody seems to notice. These folks have a
      cash cow that they are milking big time.... Like zero
      productivity! (check out Datek ratio comparisons....) and try
      not to be too surprised. Fool......

    • BUYANLT is bearish and all is CAPS--this could
      only mean good things on the horizon for ANLT. It's
      been a painful wait, and I've lost far too much money
      already--but I'll continue to wait. I'm doing everything I can
      to buy more right now. Only time will tell at this
      point. Those of us that still own stock in 2010 can
      retire comfortably.
      Good luck to all.

    • wake up people. Anlt management doesn't care what
      you think.
      the board of directors doesn't care
      what you think. They just want you to keep buying
      while they keep selling. I predict a bad announcement
      soon, followed by shareholder lawsuits.

      somebody knows something and it is not us. They have the
      info and they sell sell sell. The stock is down over
      30% in 2 months.
      no word from the company,
      continued selling.

      this all smells very bad.
      my opinion.

      sign me.


    • Wasn't it you you chided me for bailed on INTC
      after it did nothing for me over 16 months? You were
      right, now its doing great, I should have hung on.

      I bought CSCO in Feb 1997 and sold at a loss when I
      panicked during its spring 1997 slump. Talk about dumb! I
      am probably the only investor ever to LOSE on CSCO!
      So I learned not to panic. I didn't panic and sell
      INTC when it slumped, but I did run out of patience
      and sold anyways. That was dumb too. So I've learned
      patience. With ORCL, I held on, and I'm glad I did.

      So, yes, as long as the fundamentals don't degrade
      I'll hang on to ANLT. If I sold now and say bought
      INTC, I'd have the same problem as before. Having
      missed the runup I would get on board just in time for
      the long wait. Then to make matters worse, I would
      end up watching ANLT soar without me, while I
      stagnated in my new purchase.

    • What has happened to all your enthusiasm for

      You should be more like mikebert. Hold it for 5

      Of course, some of us need to get a return on our
      investments more quickly than that....


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