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  • chrisxwood chrisxwood Sep 13, 1999 2:00 PM Flag

    anlt worth $102.79

    look at

    go to intrinsic value

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    • Many short sellers pyramid on the way down. This
      can dramatically increase their equity but at a price
      of tremendous exposure to a rally. Example1: If a
      stock drops to 2/3 initial value and the short seller
      shorts continously on the way down , he can DOUBLE his
      equity. Borrowed Money is the key! Plus he compounds on
      the way down! Example2: as before but price drops to
      1/10 initial value ( real world :IRIDIUM) . Resulting
      equity is 100 times initial equity. You can read all
      about this in the well known book by Thorp and Kassouf.
      They give the math in an Appendix. George Soros
      mentions his very successful use of this in 'Alchemy of
      Finance'. Marty Zweig (?) discusses it in his book .
      would be glorious to know just how leveraged the shorts
      are and their individual holdings.When they cover,
      they have to bid just like the rest of us.
      Furthermore, if they are fully margined , a rally will force
      them to post additional margin or their broker will
      liquidate ( i.e. BUY STOCK ) . My guess is that at least
      SOME shorts are exposed in the above manner , just on
      the drop from 22 to 17.

    • So far today we've traded over 100,000 shares.
      This has been accomplished in the first hour. There
      has been no word from the company that I've seen.
      Action looks like short covering to me. Cover some stock
      and then let it drift, make sure you always have an
      offering out there on Instinet to discourage real buyers,
      and pray that the company stays mute. Some game.

    • That should tell you something.

    • Can someone point out the insider trades. where,
      When. All I have found are some insignificant sales
      from last over three months ago. I know insiders of
      other companies who routinely sell some of their stock
      at one of its highs so they can invest in other
      companies. They too don't want all of their eggs in one
      basket. Shorts are being negative. There is no inside
      selling in recent weeks. Thats old news morons.

    • I'm back for another ride uP



    • they certainly are not buying. One of them didn't
      do their homework. Took the me to approach. I am
      buying. Probably the one with worst record is selling.
      Thats my next analysis. I will come back with that

    • I think this company is a bargain at this price. If you're smart you'd add to your position.

    • These models are all fine. I wonder however, what
      happens to the "11% growth into perpetuity" if ANLT
      misses earning projections by a penny next

      Like the rest of you, I keep waiting for the support
      level. We're near a historically low P/E ratio--was that
      9 or 10x earnings? If I had a large short position,
      I think I would be looking to cash in some of my
      chips starting now. Are you listening to me, you
      shorts!? Time to cover!

    • That appears to be the catalyst for this new
      round of price erosion. Will the company make their Q4
      earnings target? Yes. Will they start telling analysts
      that backlog is not building for reasons of utility
      mergers and unavailability of software? They already
      have. Are the company's margins slipping? No, they are
      not. Is the market for small cap stocks shitty? Yes it
      is. Will this stock ever have an up day again? Yes it
      will. Do we as shareholders have anything to fear
      beside fear itself? IMHO, No.

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