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  • doctor_eavil doctor_eavil Sep 18, 1999 3:03 PM Flag

    In Search of the Holy Grail

    here is why. Lets say ANLT management is using
    their ANLT shares for the ability to margin to buy
    other securities. Well then if(shares) they go into a
    cash account then they cannot use them to margin.
    Losing diversification. NOW I do not know if the shares
    are in cash account or not. Just using your
    assumptions. So if they went into a cash account they might
    have to sell more shares to keep diversified.
    argument makes sense. I personally feel that if they are
    using their shares to margin then that means they see
    little downside risk for anlt shares.

    I purely
    base the recent downside on the downgrade and the
    conference call. Personally I do not understand how the
    short interest did not go up a lot from july to august.
    I certainly doubled mine. Especially into the
    barrington recommendation in Barron's. A week after the
    recommendation Barron's published insider selling in
    Kind of negating the whole Barrington push. It was
    But now I am long, because as they say , I do not
    know who, but they say it, the shit has hit the fan.

    Please someone come up with a concrete not to own this
    stock besides what we already know.

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