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    YA YA

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    • I meant that I'm buying at these prices. Not at
      that very moment in time. I've made purchases over the
      last couple of trading days and will continue up until
      the earnings/cc occur. Then I'll hold it until
      contract growth resumes at the minimum. Of course, most
      shares I'll just continue to hold for the very long


    • Thanks for your support. You say that you are
      buying right now. Well, no trades have taken place...yes
      you can buy before 9:30. For instance 187,000 shares
      of MSFT have already traded this a.m. So....

    • Anyone who watches a stock like this minute to
      minute and screams sell based on what they see is not
      someone worth listening to for investment advice. You are
      short. You want the stock to go down. You lie and spread
      false rumors to get your goal. Pathetic. How do you
      sleep at night? How long have you been short limbo?
      Probably not very long if you feel the need to force the
      stock lower with your ranting. Cover now. I've followed
      and owned this stock for years and guess what none of
      this is a suprise to me. I'm buying right now. Who do
      you think is going to be right?


    • but as I'm slow to anger, consider me a red flag
      that your garbage has gone way way overboard, without
      anyone willing to call you on your worthless

      I call it as I see it. I am disgusted with the
      performance of this stock, and have been nearly since the day
      I bought it. Many here have expected much more
      dynamic performance from this stock yet have not realized
      their goals. But, that's the way the big ball

      Buy at 11 7/8???? At the bottom are we????Buy...then
      maybe you will shut up for awhile.

      comments were taken as well intentioned ...about 20 posts
      ago. Since, you have proven youself to be a real
      'short'pain in the ass...with nothing to say other than cry
      wolf///wolf wolf wolf wolf wolf wolf wolf wolf wolf wolf wolf
      wolf wolf wolf wolf.......get it limbo? (we're all
      tired of your redundant crap)

    • Gravy you disappoint me.
      Did you see that
      action the last hour today, OH MY GOD! SELL SELL

      Do you think some of the earnings announcement
      comments got leaked, what do you think?
      Somebody was
      sure spooked about something!

      I think I *might*
      buy when it hits 11 7/8.
      It hit 12 1/8 today and
      none of you believed me last week when I said 11

      I am the only one providing useful information
      here. The rest of you kind folks keep telling everyone
      to buy, as you have ALL THE WAY DOWN FROM 25. I
      think some of you pro ANLT people are shorts in

      I hope you bought some PETM.
      I'm not
      negative on ALL stocks, just ones where management hasn't
      a clue.

      God I can't wait to hear the
      conference call on Thursday. More admissions about missing
      contracts (tail between legs) and oh how we are so excited
      about our new CFO and NEW technology man and new
      Marketing man, yada yada yada.

      Low hanging fruit...
      my ass!

    • apologetic to you for my rather tearse tone of
      one previous post... It is clear that my position at
      that time was right on the mark.

      You have
      proven yourself to be a real first class idiot, and
      <IF> your have any position with this stock, I suggest
      you cover your ass while you can.

      will you please quit spamming your short position and
      just go punt? You have overdone your hyper short

    • ouch 12 1/2 thank god I dumped this DOG LONG

      The best is relistening to the conference call,
      hearing management say," we don't know why the HELL
      anyone would short our stock."

      What a dork.

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