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  • tradednj4tx tradednj4tx May 3, 2010 11:55 AM Flag

    new to trading and over my head in appy!

    I read so many good things about it, I invested 11,000 shares in it and its gone down, down, down. I've lost like $6k already. I don't know if I should get out and be sick or just wait?

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    • sounds like you need to first develop a trading strategy. I could offer a few suggestions.

      don't put your eggs in one basket.
      cut the losers.
      ride the winners.
      don't get emotionally attached to a stock.

      I'm sure there's lots more good advise out there. keep learning!

    • Don't panic. Just give it some time. I have learned the hard way. I owned DNDN when it was under $4 a share and and I got tired of waiting and sold. I just looked at it and it is at $55 a share. There is a lot of bull on any message board and you have to separate the wheat from the chaff, and most important do the DD. I am down close to $75,000 and I have not sold any shares. In fact I purchased a few thousand shares today. I have to admit I got in fairly early and I still have my original investments in this stock. I can sell now and walk away with a tidy sum, but you can't. You sell now, you are in a hole. Look at the whole picture before you decide. Good luck my friend. You said you invested $10,000, well, institutional investors recently invested $10,000,000 and the interesting thing is institutional investors hardly ever move on anything below $5 a share.

    • Been there done that - if you believe in their product, stick it out.

      If you don't believe they'll present solid results, get out.

      You could also dump a portion of your shares to control your losses if this continues going down - which I doubt with the upcoming data and release of fin. results.

      Just don't panic - becuase people make irrational decisions when they panic - I've made this mistake aobut 3 times with stocks that have gone up 5-6 fold after selling them at consideratble losses.

      Good luck

      P.S - if you are to gamble in this space (biotech and pharma), APPY is one of the good ones right now, because they have a product that could redefine the way diagnoses are conducted for acute appendicitis.

    • "New to trading"

      Welcome, newbie. Word of advice, you don't lose money unless you sell. The point of investing is to make money. Sometimes you have to cut your losses based on bad decisions but I wouldn't say this is the one. We are waiting for critical data which can bring this stock in $7 range easily. Nothing has changed.

      Only thing that DID change was a 10 million dollar investor. Shouldn't that calm you down? You spent what, 30k and these people dished out 10 million. Relax. Patience is key.

      This is all because of dilution taking effect. Wait it out.

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