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  • rebeccabohrman rebeccabohrman May 7, 2010 7:13 PM Flag

    Earnings questions for knowlegeable folks-

    Ok, so estimates were a loss of .09 per share. They lost $3,800,000 and if there is 38M shares divided in thats a .105 loss per share. Or do we add the additional diluted shares last week so it's 40M shares? $3,800,000 loss divided by 40M shares is a loss of .095 per share which is very close. Anyone who read the 10K please discuss- I understand earnings are a non event but I'm trying to figure this out

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    • Since the offer has closed as of May 5th, there are 40 million shares now. The 38 is no longer used. If you read the 10Q, they acknowledged the sale of the CS.

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      • That's good so we pretty much made analyst estimates. The great thing is that we have $18M in cash. I'd really like to see them wholly aquire a cGMP manufacturing facility with that money-cut out BBinternational once they get the 15 minute ELISA format test approved. Profit margins would be over 95%. Too, they have plenty of cash to last to the 2Q 2011 which is enough time to bring them to profit making commercialization of 45 min appyscore and commercialization of 15 minute appyscore ELISA. This too should be around the time Bovipure products are commercialized. I really do believe good trial results put us over $10. Any rebuttals?

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