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  • kiksbutt kiksbutt Jun 3, 2010 10:35 AM Flag

    If the results were bad and not at par compared to previous trial

    There's no need for them to "prepare" anything and take as much time. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work. Scratch it, back to the drawing board. There's no need to take this much time considering the results were done in March. Further, there's no reason put the FDA application together if AppyScore doesn't work. They're taking their time for a reason. Hope I'm right and it's for the good.

    Hopefully soon, we will know if it's good or bad.

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    • Not looking good today.........hopefully yhis is the @$@#$#$ mm's playing there daily games...........

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      • Kicksbutt you are one desperate long man. A fcking bum. Just hoping to god the results are good. Why spend millions on a product that doesn't work? because they are already in too deep? Because this is all they have? Without it the company is practically worthless. Because their pps would be subpennys and listed on the OTC. You are an idiot. They diluted $10M and will be releasing the results AH Friday. WTF does this tell you jackass? Dilution delays? Yup, sounds real healthy. I'll buy your shares for $1 when I cover. Deal dumbo?

    • I'm back and forth on this. I want to agree with you, but I also fear that the results are mediocre. Not great enough to jump for joy, and not bad enough to scrap the whole project. Seems to me that they way to cover up mediocre results is to lump it in with a positive event like filing an FDA application and hope it works out. The thing about these types of companies, they aren't concerned about stock price. It's about the product, not the investor. I think sometimes they forget about us, which can have a negative impact on the company's value.

      But in the end, I really have no idea. No one on this board has any insight as to what the results are, it's pure speculation. Regardless, I'm not about to jump ship simply because the results are 2 or 3 weeks later than I arbitrarily hoped they would be. They've been working on this product for many years, 3 weeks is insignficant to those making the decisions. I don't blame them for taking their time and making sure they put their best foot forward.

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      • Excellent post Investorguru. If the results weren't quite as high as expected they will put the best window dressing on the FDA submission as they can. They don't care if it takes a few extra weeks, they will give it their best shot. We see it for our stock value; they see it as the culmination of years of work & whether their company survives or not. Huge difference.

      • But at the same time if the results were mediocre and based on your logic, why would they spend millions on something that they know won't get passed? See my drift? It costs a lot to get to the FDA and even attempt at it.

        Based on my DD, I think the results should be better. Their last trial was pretty crappy. Bah, hope so.

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