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  • ersam709 ersam709 Jun 10, 2010 2:06 PM Flag

    Everyone should calm down and wait

    for them to do exactly what they said they were going to do, which was to do further analysis and report the results as soon as possible. I'm long on this stock, and currently way down, of course. But I'm not going to panic and sell and lock in my losses. I'm going to let it play out and see what really happens.

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    • I'm not calm, but I am waiting. I took a 80% cut on my investment. Why? Because idiots don't know how to report anything. Why did they come out with such a vague PR? They couldn't freaking wait to get their crap together and somewhat sound optimistic with more detail? And what's up with Gregory Pusey and his partner scamming companies and now being sued. That's misrepresentation. And what happened with Bovi being pulled from their website?

      There's a reason I got into this stock. When you present something which turns out to be a lie, that's fraud.

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      • "They couldn't freaking wait to get their crap together and somewhat sound optimistic with more detail?"

        I hear you kiks, but i also thing this is the fear that's driving this sucker to 35 cents. That WAS their optimistic PR. It's not like they got the results and published them 10 minutes later without reading them first. they took their time (3-4 weeks??) and when it became apparent that they had no other play, this was the best they came up with. Better than the alternative, "we're scrapping our product and folding up shop." Problem with these small biotechs. They issue 10s or 100s of millions of shares, burn up the money and then walk away. What has any of these guys lost? nothing.

        there's still hope, but you have to look down deep to find it. And even then, it's pretty thin. if it was a speculative play before, it's a freaking huge one now. That being said, I didn't sell, so if you find that glimmer of hope somewhere, please pass it along.

      • I have to agree with Kiks. What's in question now is the very legitimacy of Aspen Bio with anything. Up until a week ago, I believed they were legit. Now all this stuff surfaces about law suits, crooks as CFO & Investor Relations Head, scamming $10 mil out of Lazard investors when they had the trial data, paid pumps with Alpha, then the most vague PR release about "variability" and yet they won't say A WORD to defend their company as their stock drops 70-80%?? The last person I'm going to come down on is Kiks. He's got more integrity than anyone at APPY presently that I'm aware of.

        I mean seriously, you can't have a press conference to give any updates other than "we'll keep studying the data rigorously"???

        I've got more respect for BP than APPY right now.

      • 80% haircut, damn that hurts bro.

        BTW, have you seen frankie?

        Frankie is hurting too 12k shares @ mid 3's range.

        I just want to know how he is holding up

        har har har har

        disclosure: 9 out 10 biotechs crash and burns.

        Appy is one of the 9

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