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  • kiksbutt kiksbutt Jun 23, 2010 9:44 AM Flag

    For all the current longs waiting for the much are you down?

    Be honest here.

    We're in this crapola together

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    • Too embarrassed to disclose my loss. As soon as it fell I sold immediately. I felt then as I do now that they would have to do the trial over again and in the meantime it would fall farther and so it has. Instead of wishful thinking I am reinvested and got back about 25% of my loss. I think it will be some time before any life is breathed into AppyScore. I think you should reinvest and revisit this stock at a later date and you will discover not much will have changed. It's a bitter pill to swallow. At least by putting your money to work it's not sitting there stagnating.

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      • I'm new but learning fast, I'm in $2.80 average, real small time while I learn 3,700 shares. From what I a learning from the posts that make sense and doing my DD I agree that appy won't be a total loss but it will be dead money for a while and unless there is another turn of the worm it certainly won't be the pop it could have been.

    • Something must be going on it is the same trading pattern as yesterday what gives.......

    • I think everyone here knows the risk to reward nature of biotechs - if you cannot remain emotionally detached, it's a bad place to be unless you are a masochist.

      I followed this company for some time and invested earlier this year. Then came a windfall to me from the DNDN happy place. I was able to sell high and felt the compelling urge to reinvest that fairly quickly (capital gains thing). That money went to APPY and AVNR.

      I too am down 62%. It freaked me out, feeling that the product is potentially awesome if AspenBio can pull it off. I am concerned about the lack of communications from Aspen. Sometimes in the market bad news is much better than no news.

      Am I nervous? Hell yeah. Will I jump ship? Heck no. We have to remember, this is much better than Vegas: even on a bad day at the market we will have something left to show for it.

    • At current price levels, I'm down about 80%, and I have a very large position, certainly larger than it should be from the standpoint of risk balance, etc. But I am still confident that it will come through in the long run. Yes... it's dead money until then. But if I were to sell now, it would be GONE money forever. I prefer dead money for a while to GONE money forever! For all the reasons others have posted (reliable science, good patents, excellent track record of Faulkner, Caspari, and Lundy, huge market opportunity, demonstrated need for reduction of CT scans given, etc, etc, etc) it remains a good bet in my view. Risky? Yes. Painful? Yes. Aggravating as hell? YES!!!!! But I have absolutely no choice but to hang in there. Good luck to all Longs!

    • UHMMMM ..... got a calculator ? More than I'm willing to admit !! and I stood closer to my own rule of capital risk than most. Happy to hear you say DOWN and not lost because the fat lady isn't singing just yet. We will hear something soon just don't get your hopes up on this particular trial and get geared up for the cassette version cuz thats where we are going.

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