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  • kiksbutt kiksbutt Jun 23, 2010 11:37 AM Flag

    For all the current longs waiting for the much are you down?

    I feel your pain. Stuck in gear to no where. Man, they really screwed us. If the crappyscore didn't work they should've just came out and said so. No we have to wait and hope for something that will likely blow our knees again.

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    • I try to avoid anger at the APPY management. As lousy as the announcement was and so insufficient in terms of giving us any real information, I think they probably did what they had to do from a legal standpoint. I think when we get the actual results they will try to position things in the absolute best possible way for the company to still come out a success in the end. One thing that encourages me is to look at the salary of Faulkner. Here's a guy who is worth millions working for a lousy 250K/year salary. Do you think that really means a thing to him? Hell no. He's interested in the eventual value of his 500K+ stock options. And he's a helluva lot more savvy than I am about these opportunities. I just don't think he would have wasted his time if he didn't feel extremely confident that this was an eventual winner.

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