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  • joe_dirts_brother joe_dirts_brother Jan 11, 2013 11:12 AM Flag

    Looks like short trying to kill this has dried up: vol low, selling seems to stopped

    Someone (Hedge fund), probably involved in a financing deal from the past- had a vested interest to death spiral short these shares into the dirt. Looks like vol has gone to zero and they will stop and/or cover for now. This is the problem with today's rigged market- especially on a ultra low float, cash strapped company like this. They make deals with the devil to get cash- and the common shareholder can get murdered. Most of what takes place in today's "free" market should be illegal- just criminals on Wall St. that wear $1000 suits and work in boiler rooms and running computerized trading scams written by MIT geek graduates. Sad. Have to wait this one out and see what happens- they have a product that can actually be sold now- a huge milestone for a bio-tech. There's a 1000 bio-techs out there with 5 or 10 times the market cap of this one, that have no product, no hope near term of a product, and will likely never get a product approved. These guys might be a buyout candidate- they better take any reasonable deal if it comes along, given their cash position and stock price. A medical devices/medical test company might want to pick them up now- since they have entry to the Euro market, then finish the FDA side in partnership with them. We'll see. Europe's got a bigger population than U.S., better medical reimbursement and more cost saving incentive in general do to socialized medicine- this test should seemingly be well received. Then there's Asia, which if the Euro market approves it, is pretty much a slam dunk they will use it- no questions asked. It's interesting- MOST meds in the U.S. gained Euro approval, often 10 yrs or so before they gain U.S. approval- our FDA seems like one of the biggest money/rigged scams going. Only the mega pharma companies seem to get rapid approval of anything in the U.S.- i.e. they can PAY OFF THE RIGHT PEOPLE in the FDA. Anyone who doesn't think the FDA is near useless and is as corrupt a govt. cluster F as they get, needs their head examined and some high dose Thorazine.

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