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  • nyse_trader nyse_trader Mar 14, 2013 10:05 AM Flag

    Dead Money for while !

    The good news is that the Company PR is not trying to pump the stock price. The share price will reflect the business reality sooner or later ! I think that in 1 year the share price will skyrocket to 10-20 $ at least !
    They have the most important thing for stock to skyrocket...COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE !
    APPY is like Apple in 2003, when the IPOD was at initial market stage ! Then APPLE was 7 usd stock....the rest is history !! APPLE was 700 $ stock 10 years later and now is 400$ stock.
    Yes, back then APPLE was flirting with the failure .... but the vision of steve jobes. make the difference .
    We have similar story here. I was investor at SIRI, at ARNA...Do not ask me how much money i made from those two.
    More than a million starting with 35 000 $ in 2009 !
    APPY is my next choice....just patience...
    I am not betting on APPY as a stock, I am betting on APPY as product without competitors and with huge market that simple...I do not care about the share price right now....
    My term is long term....18 months-24 months.....already 7 months passed....
    Have patience to wait few more....
    APPY is stock for smart investors... !!
    GOOD LUCK...

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    • Still remains the ifs. If they get 97 NPV in the current testing. If they get FDA approval. If they get a partner to distribute.

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      • Silvercrk2, you have guarded optimism, good. Biotech can fail big for investors. Just look at CLSN and AFFY recently, shareholders there got burned big time if they had large positions. SA has some negative articles on this stock, pointing to how speculative it is, and the 'one trick pony' argument. The downside if they fail to get approval could be decisive unless it is temporary with a resubmittal in three months from a CRL. Europe revenues from APPY1 will have to kick in big time to stave off another dilution in 2014. I am long, love the concept, there isn't competition like our friend here states, so for now I am holding to the positive outcome scenario.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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