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  • thegreycorner thegreycorner Sep 26, 2013 12:11 AM Flag

    Assuming approval - what kind of Sales $ will this Appendicitis deal bring in?

    Seems like market would be puny. Am I wrong? Interesting play but I wonder whether this will be one of those stocks that goes down after FDA approval. Where is the money in an appendicitis diagnosis?

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    • penetration would be stellar possibly all hospitals everywhere

      someone noted the difference from cost of production to total sales is important

      if test costs 70 but costs 40 to make then 30 net profit

      "According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, physicians ordered 7.5 million blood tests for abdominal pain in 2010. One million of these tests were performed on patients aged 2 – 20 years."

      so 7.5m x $30 = 225m us, 450m us/europe...this is absolute penetration of market within 3-5 years

      would allow mcap of about 2b eventually up from 40m...therefore 50 bagger

    • Well lets put it this way. You are the insurance company and are paying up for all those wasteful CT scans and also potentially future cancer incidences. Would u prefer the physician run a $70 test to rule out whether the patient with acute abdominal pain/distress has apendicitis which is one of the most dreaded by physicians? For many other causes of abd pain you dont need a CT exam. Again I am not a physician and the argument is purely based on logic (which could be entirely false).

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      • Thanks LaLu but that does not really clear things up for me. $70 is chicken feed. How many of these tests per year? I will throw out a number (I have no idea if it is anywhere near accurate). Let's say there are 150,000 tests per year. That is $10 million gross income per year and that is chicken feed which will not even cover expenses. My numbers are probably way off. My main concern --- where is the income going to come from. A cheap test does not make a gold mine unless millions of people are getting the test. Who can further clarify things?

    • when are they approving?

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