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  • edfiggy edfiggy Dec 14, 2004 9:52 AM Flag

    what happened to this board?

    I have traded GSS with some minor gains/losses. I have a 15,000 shares position on GSS at $3.61. Really puzzled by this security. A lot of tax selling in December I guess after their debacle last quarter. Still surprised by the price. It seems like a bargain. We shall see when they report next quarter. So far a sinker for me.

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    • My KO is finally moving. Reason? I keep thinking KO double bottomed @$39. In addition, $$$ is moving to non cyclical consumer stocks like KO (look at PG, CL. MO, etc.). Finally have a $1 profit per share on KO. This is a slow mover. I think you can grab a 2% dividend and 10% appreciation in 3 months.

      KMG. This one is a difficult one. LOVE the stock. After I bought just below $58 it tanked to $57 1/4. Now trading above $58 1/2. Big review tomorrow. I think KMG is a $65+ stock, but it is also a heart breaker.

      GSS. Why do I keep buying this stock? Some please stop me. Probably dead money until next year.

      In conclusion. Surprised by the strenght in KO this AM. KMG not moving as much as expected especially with the cold front and good performance of gas futures. GSS, some please kill me if I buy this stocks again.

    • I've been watching the trading go by in gss and this week it has stay flat on sustained buying. I have seen 80% of the trades hit the offer but there is this everlasting offer that only goes away on large block bids at the same price. An offer of 260 lots does not go away after 42,000 shares hit it. Now that offer has grown to over 1000 lots at 3.60. And now over 500 at 3.59. They sure do not want the best price so what is the point?
      I do not understand this.

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      • reb-What do you think of all the chatter on the gss board about Bradford selling shares or call options? Seems kind of farfetched.

        The thing that is really wierd is the delay at Wassa. Is it incompetance or are they deliberately stalling?

        Regarding rgld, I saw a press release from Placer Dome that said that although their overall 2005 production would be up slightly, Pipeline production would be down. Do you have any idea how much? PIPE

    • I have a little more than gsc than you but I did not help it go down, I stalled it's slide.

      yesterday painted a bullish enveloping candle so don't worry Ed, I'm not.

      My take on this gold consolidation is that it was too early to correct. It only broke 5.8% above it's historic b/o @ 433. When gold broke above 330 for the first time, it rallied 18% before correcting and it needs to make some gains to at least 500 before any correction should require a stock sale. The most accurate understanding I have seen of this action is John Mackenzie.

      I have read plenty of ta from gold advisors and I think they are led by sentiment like Hamilton's in that the only option is for the same pattern as before to occur again now. I disagree with him (as the most articulate) and 95% of the gold advisors in that patterns continue forever. They don't and I see a steepening of the trend here, not a test and continuation of it. The HUI conundrum with it's double top should be analyzed instead as a ratio to gold. This chart shows that only great corrections in pog can get this ratio to stay under it's 220dma, and the internals are have already confirmed a hammer bottom that indicate the hui will now turn to outperforming the pog again.$HUI:$GOLD,uu[w,a]daclynay[db][pb88!

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