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  • morningman000 morningman000 Sep 21, 2005 12:09 AM Flag

    RGLD 10% Dilution

    Maybe not a bad thing at all in the long run, but combined with the whole sector consolidating it sure looks like that gap around 24 will be filled. I still own 1/8 of my original position - I should have sold right out at 30 and shorted RGLD too but it was behaving so darn well. I'll add at lower prices though.

    Worried? Read Merv at Kitco and feel better.

    KRY points out the danger of owning too much of any one stock. (Unless it is BCON ;)

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    • "comfortably bullish, full loaded now 20% silver 80% gold."

      Now there's someone who likes to hedge his bet!

    • I am refering to bubblvsn invoking financial fear from hurricane coverage. I am cool as a cucumber and comfortably bullish, full loaded now 20% silver 80% gold.

    • reb, fear???, I am talking technicals not emotions. Are emotions taking over now??

    • fear will win. The best laid plans never survive the fear news coverage is creating.

      But good point, it is possible for a set back but things seem different this time ! are you trading out of any of your wonderful picks?

    • JS first target was 480. December futures is at 475. We should see the 1st sign of resistence soon. weeeeeeeh. this has been fun. JS talking about the 1/3, again, we know he already has his. there seems to be much ado about on the board today. The dollar has most confused. Which corrects first. The pro-gold wants the dollar to fall, extending the gains for gold and the anti-gold, hope the dollar will put in one more flat to up week to give them the time to nail the specs. Who will win?

    • gold is going nuts after hours - spiking up to 472. Yahoo!

      These last few days were a gift to those blessed with skepticism. To get on board...

      too bad this seems so cynical coming on the leeward edge of a hurricane. Best story I heard all day was the Iwa Jima heading out to sea to face the fury.

    • I think the rate hike will eventually drive POG back to the $450 levels. Probably some healthy consolidation at those levels b4 we head higher. I think POG will digest some of the recent gains.

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      • it is amazing how many folks are dying everyday,no matter what,to call a gold top(not talking about you in particular).yesterday Cramer said "you MUST short gold and gold stocks".it seems those in power are getting a bit scared that gold is going up in all currencies.why should a lousy 1/4 point in the US make a big differance?that was Cramers point-this 1/4 point makes you have to short gold and the gold stocks-not just sell but short.yet he did not say you must short the housing stocks on this hike.why is gold so scarey to everyone?interesting.........

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