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  • heidealoi heidealoi Jun 27, 2011 6:50 PM Flag

    ($$) Property Investors Face Losing Their Shirts With Strip Malls

    I love how the article "($$) Property Investors Face Losing Their Shirts With Strip Malls" portrays KIM. Hahahaha

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    • P.S. If you really believe your own scenario, why haven't you moved to Montana and built a bunker? What concrete steps have you taken to protect your assets if you really believe your own fear-mongering? Are you stockpiling nitrogen-based fertilizer?

    • What makes you think that Obama would take your gold? And how do you think that he would do that without congressional approval? Do you think that he has a fleet of black helicopters at his command to spread out over the country and steal your gold in the dark of the night?

      What kind of fantasy world do you live in? Notwithstanding our troubled economy and the strains in our social fabric, we are living in a paradise of freedom and prosperity. If you want to see genuine disaster, visit the Sudan and see what real social collapse looks like. You are just another Chicken Little. Start your croaking when you are fending off armed bandits and scraping for a little food and clean water.

      Until then, I think that malls anchored by pharmacies and grocery stores are going to do just fine.

    • If you had bought at the close of the day that article appeared (in fact that was the high of the day), you would be up 10 percent as of today.

      Ho. Ho. Ho. Loser.

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      • robmucci Jul 22, 2011 10:44 PM Flag

        to the doubting thomas's i have owned kim since 1992 ....there have been some bumpy roads in 08 ..but don't forget the low point was $6-$7 and then they needed some money and issued more shares "YES" delution however shares were sold for $8+ that was just 2 years ago.....then they issued more for about $12+ that about 1 1/2 years ago .....SOOOOOO what is the price today at closing......$20+ I know b4 the 3for 2 split a # of years ago the high was $62. after the split the high was $46....not a good investment if you bought @ 46....however a "GREAT" investment if you bought @ $7.....the ski guy..

    • Why do you get pleasure out of scorning others' stock picks? Are you plagued by unfocused rage or frustration?

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