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  • theefalcon theefalcon Mar 13, 2012 6:46 PM Flag

    FYI Newbies:Why I like AVNR, part2

    Hi Onlyfacts- yeah a blast from the past the old chestnut QT prolongation. Yho356 would be besides himself now that we have d/DM under our belt. Not to dwell on the historical post to long, I can recall him battering away for days on end, well he got his approval, however I cannot see the over the counter ever happening, The series of posts being historical do not have much use for us these days, particularly as a lot of the links to the medical data no longer function, however this one still works I have a feeling we shall be revisiting the QT prolongation again in the not to distant future, this time round with the d/DM assisting the results, can’t wait for further news in that respect.

    Sr Falconi