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  • Gary_Morris Gary_Morris Sep 18, 2009 6:38 PM Flag

    Gary may be going long!! STOP THE PRESSES!

    AVNR keeps fighting to hold on to the $2.00 range. May be time to fight the good fight and BUY BUY BUY!! What do the rest of you think?

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    • Nice one :)

    • Gary, you go on long at 2.09 and I did at 1.89.... That is 20 cents difference. Maybe that number is the difference between my IQ and your IQ. My IQ is 110 so yours must be 90, you moron.

    • But i still cant believe you said that. LOL

    • Hey Gary if you really are long thats kool with me but you and i both know this thing is due for a great pop to the upside so hold on and make some money.....This chart is setting up nice,

    • Hope you did not take me mentioning BQI as a pump it’s a very interesting speculative stock not for the faint hearted. However things have moved on a lot and it will happen some time imo just a case of when.
      If Nirv gets to read this he may find a dot around 23rd June 08.

      Cool 80 F we will not see that over here for another 8 months now, saying that the
      Next two weeks is going to be exceptionally warm for us around 65 F

      The Mennonite community, excuse my ignorance, I had not heard of them, I know about them now.

      Catch you next week probably.

      Signor Falconi

    • I hadn't heard of BQI. Took a brief look, and will keep it in mind. Looks like you have a long term plan. That's always a good thing.

      It's relatively cool here in East Tennessee. Temperature will 'only' get up to about 80 F, but it is humid. Going to take a drive east, to visit a great little Mennonite community. Tap to you later.


    • That must be it, the hypnotic qualities, excuse the pun sounds good to me.
      My good lady is into the Spanish, we are visiting her brother who married a Spanish girl.

      Not much news on the board towards the end of last week, I expect it to be much the same this coming week. The pps was also steady just that little flurry at the start of the week however steady progress being made, creeping up will be fine with me.

      I have been holding BQI for a few years that are also a very long play. All going well with AVNR the plan is to sell some and bolster up the BQI as I expect it to be at its peak later than AVNR. It was nice to see that BQI going up a bit this week for what reason I do not know perhaps a bit off pumping hopefully no dump. Looking through your rose tinted glasses and being ever the optimist. I have in the back of my mind AVNR could make two or more major upward moves as Zenvia has more than one use, time will tell.

      Signor Falconi

    • No fiddle, just the guitar, and not exactly a virtuoso at that. Actually, I do a lot of singing. Perhaps it was the hypnotic qualities of my voice....

      Spain, huh? Sounds great--went there once myself. How's your Spanish? Mine is okay, but they speak very rapidamente down there. Plus there's that "lithp". Never can quite get that.


    • Right idea Gary, but wrong analysis. The fight is to hold it down. The would be large block buyers that are on the outside looking in don't want to spike the price above key points of overhead resistance and be relegated to just part of the crowd chasing. That would really put a damper on their intentions, wouldn't it!

      The play for the well healed that want in might be to let it up and start another push down to shake shares, but that maneuver is starting to look too familiar. Fewer will fall for it as well as the possibility that the next trip above the 50 triggers heavy technical buying.

      Gary, the path of least resistance "ain't down", so I think you know by the process of elimination, what the correct play is here.


    • Gary, you covered? did u ever have positions? I wonder... Anyway, you are a worthless piece of sh*t.