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  • reppeptgs reppeptgs Oct 6, 2009 9:06 AM Flag

    PR Helps Pre-Market

    I'm sure the company planned to do it (in spite of my complaints yesterday), but I'm glad to see they've PR'd the scientific conferences that are coming up. AND it's getting a nice pop in the premarket trading. $2.22 (up 7.25%) on over 20k shares traded, which is a lot for AVNR.

    It's good to see. And about bloody time.


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    • This just could be the real deal. It's looking great so far.


    • Sarge. Thanks for your input intersting, I shall have a look at the TV listings later to see if any games are on. I'm thinking they may well be. must dash off to have some tea.

      Oh yeah the pps is more than holding Nirv will be breaking in to song/handel

      Signore Falconi

    • PPS is not just holding up, but rising! $2.42 last I saw, on volume of over 4.5 million shares. This is very bullish, IMO.

      The Dodgers (my team's biggest rival) are in the news because they are in the "playoffs", which are just beginning. The regular season ended Sunday, and now there are 8 teams who will play to determine who will play in the World Series (arrogant title, I know. What can I say? We're Americans).

      This is essentially the quarter finals. The first matchups are best of 5 games. The semi finals ("league championship series") are best of 7 games, as is the World Series.

      There was a great game last night. When the regular season ended, two teams were tied, so they played a one-game playoff. It went extra innings (overtime), and there were several exciting plays. If you get a chance to see it, it was the Detroit Tigers against the Minnesota Twins. Very entertaining game to watch.

    • Great stuff, raised a chuckle. Scotland and Ireland yes fantastic scenary as you say. Used to take a trip over to the emarld isle every year missed last year. Odd isn't it yesterday when the rain came down most people I met were saying great to have some rain do the garden good.

      Sunny in East Tennesse alright for some, next thing we shall be scraping the ice of every morning. Do you have short day light times in the winter? Thats what gets us down, dark going to work dark going home about 6-7 hours of light in between if you are lucky,but good to have defined seasons.

      PS who would of thought it, Baseball started up on the TV over here, not sure what they are talking about but you can assist me with that. The Dodgers were playing.

      On the pps we appear to be holding up

    • You deserve a medal OB! (or a lobotomy) -time will tell.

    • Still here and still holding all my over-priced shares! Yes, I believe Kaye knows the additional details are supportive.

      It's only been 14 years for me, whats another 9-10 months of waiting?

    • Hi Sarge
      Promising start indicated in the pre-market, just the ticket, two may be three. As you stated yesterday about xxxxxx time.Will be a fun next 10 days I guess.

      Si Falconi