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  • adeiflig adeiflig Feb 27, 2010 5:44 PM Flag


    Very bullish sign, a string of insiders are buying the stock of AVNR, transaction was done on February 18, 2010.

    Seems to indicate that filing with FDA is due earlier than expected, probably March 2010.

    Jump in before others get hold of the news....


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    • Hey Siserv how you doing?, I was really just talking about Aug 11, The way the chart looked for most of the day, it came down in the same pattern over and over again which is a clear sign of them playing the selling game, it just kept rolling over! Jay Mooring filings said sold on that day starting at $4.06 or something right there. Therefore Jay Knew that was the top and or he made it the top by selling into strength at that point.

      Thanks by the way, of reminding me of those horrible days! lol

    • Here's the two weeks of that event with that August 11th being the perplexing day as shown by the volume:
      18-Aug-09 2.14 2.37 2.11 2.15 4,306,400 2.15
      17-Aug-09 2.27 2.27 2.08 2.08 3,283,100 2.08
      14-Aug-09 2.27 2.36 2.20 2.31 3,563,000 2.31
      13-Aug-09 2.55 2.55 2.24 2.25 5,910,500 2.25
      12-Aug-09 2.82 2.82 2.44 2.49 9,707,500 2.49
      11-Aug-09 3.80 4.09 2.80 2.84 29,779,700 2.84
      10-Aug-09 2.20 2.25 2.17 2.19 519,300 2.19
      7-Aug-09 2.20 2.30 2.18 2.20 619,700 2.20
      6-Aug-09 2.20 2.21 2.11 2.15 361,800 2.15
      5-Aug-09 2.20 2.25 2.16 2.19 326,600 2.19
      4-Aug-09 2.13 2.27 2.10 2.18 532,900 2.18
      3-Aug-09 2.15 2.23 2.03 2.10 597,400 2.10
      31-Jul-09 2.26 2.26 2.04 2.15 597,800 2.15
      So it wasn't methodical or done professionally. It was like a ponzi scheme get rich sorta two weeks. Just to set the record straight. FWIW JMHO!

    • On my last post about the up 5 down 10cents , Give or take a little, was not exactly like that for the people who will say it wasnt true, But it did come down in a professional fashion!

    • That Selling that started, happened that day i believe in my mind was done by a professional Name Jay Moorin! It Came down in a very nice fashion if anyone remembers what that chart that day looked liked, and i do. NOT to say i liked it coming down! I remember very clearly, it was like down 10 cents up 5 cents down another 10 then up 5, you get the picture, And Jay started selling some at $4.04 or $4.06 Very organized selling... So in my mind Jay put the cap on it and here we are!

    • Siserv
      Yes it was all around the same time. Perhaps I should have sold some and bought back in at the time but was slow on the uptake, you live and learn. I think you could well be right in respect of the PPS being held down. Personally I would prefer to see a steady rise in the PPS but I have a feeling it will be a mad dash, either way will do for me as long as it happens.

      Good luck to us.

    • Falconi,
      That day was also when they did an initial shelf offering and that scared folks into taking profits and buying back later. I would have liked to sell at that level but it was a small blip and dropped very fast. Anyhow management says they have enough cash before the deadline of FDA approval. While I'm bullish, somebody is real good at keeping the price down at this level. Either they don't belive the revenue streams will be as good or they think FDA still has reservations about Zenvia? Otherwise it would be a slam dunk! Anyhow only time will tell and got to buy more if bullish and let the good times roll! FWIW JMHO!

    • Ah March has arrived. Beware the Ides and all else hope Springs eternal. Very tight range and just awaiting the news which should be imminent. Buyers will be sad they missed out once news gets out. Right now being held down and if it were a sure all in, the stock price would reflect it so perhaps some institutions still do not believe. Most will think they got in early if it goes over $5. Still I want to not be that optimistic because the SP is still below $2. If it were imminent all all good with 60 days before full submission then somethings missing? Are they needing Keith to wave the Green Flag? Boogity, Boogity, Boogity, let's go racing! FWIW JMHO!

    • i need till fri to buy more only another 500 hope were still in 1.82 to 1.85 range .i think you our right on and also dont think the fda will take 6monts i think we will know in about 3 months george

    • Figgie - Nirv posted the link below back on the 22nd Feb. The shares were not bought they are freebies. You would not want to deceive the board readers now would you!!!!