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  • taxdemicco taxdemicco Feb 28, 2010 11:26 PM Flag


    Why do you guys always try to read something bad into what is being said.

    The insiders have accumulated 40,000 shares each, whether free or bought is irrelevant.

    The fact is that insiders are giving themselves these shares. The only purpose to issue shares to them in the first place is to reward them.

    The insiders get rewarded only if the stock jumps.

    So, the action is very bullish and what I want to see.

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    • Hello Tax: First welcome to the AVNR message board. Secondly like your good self I also want the PPS to go up and STAY UP.not just for a short while. As if myself and a good many others here have not waited long enough. If you get a moment take time to read the PR in relation to the spikes in the PPS you may find it of interest. August would be a good starting point..

      As for trying to read something bad into what is being said, rest assured on this occasion I’m simply putting forward the shares were basically free issue and not bought, please correct me if I’m wrong.

      Good luck to all us Longs and a speedy favourable result for us big time.

      PS. Welcome back Trader.

    • Taxdemicco, It is bullish, but like you said they get rewarded if the price moves up, but at the same time if YOU buy 40,000 shares right now and things dont work out and it goes down you lose money because yours were not free! Dont get me wrong im Bullish as hell on this stock and i also think its going to be approved!